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What is your job?

  1. Energy Management Systems Analyst is my title. It’s not terribly accurate. What I really do is monitor the SCADA systems that keep the power grid going. It’s a lot like working in a network operations center, except that the devices are remote terminal units and concentrators, though there are some devices a typical NOC would monitor, like routers, switches and servers.

  2. At one time I would’ve said system administrator. But a year ago, my career path abruptly changed and I still haven’t figured out where I want to go with it.

  1. I sell alcohol to alcoholics in essentially a supermarket for just booze.
    Studying currently medical science and cert 4 in networking.
  2. sysadmin? Or farmer

  1. Working full time running a Staples Copy & Print shop in Norway, while finishing my degree in physics.
  2. Not sure, will possibly apply for another degree in Automation starting next year. I wan’t to make systems and software for systems.

  1. Pensioner.
  2. I had my dream job 10 years ago: Chief Architect of the OATA Project of Eurocontrol

Eurocontrol = European FAA;
OATA = Overall ATM Technical Architecture;
ATM=Air Traffic Management.


1, Admin at a beer and wine distributor
2. Can’t really decide. Not a huge fan of admin work, kinda want to get an MBA, kinda want to go back for a BS in EE or CE.


Might be a little off topic, but I figure I might as well ask anyway
(feel free to delete if it’s that much of an eyesore)

How hard is it to get started with entry level IT jobs?
Thought I saw a few ads posted at $20 and hour


Google Data Center Engineer
Honestly, I feel that I’m living my dream job right now, I would like to get into a more senior role though in the future.


I got started just by doing an internship after showing them some of my self taught skills.

Right now there is a huge demand for linux skills in the workforce, that could easily get you $14-$20 an hour depending on where you live.

We all had to start at the bottom of the food chain, but it does eventually pay off with networking events, and keeping on top of the latest tech.

  1. Apprentice welder.

  2. Not sure, never have been, for now I am enjoying what I do.

  1. Enterprise level 3 support / Sysadmin in the public heath system.
  2. Security researcher - red/blue team work. I would also like to get my BS in Computer Science.


im sure youv’e probably heard it but practice, practice, practice!
as a welding instructor it was easy to teach the basics and tips and tricks but drilling them to keep practicing was a major undertaking.
you can actually get to the point where you listen to the arc and it will tell you if the current is a bit high or low!

you don’t need to be a metallurgist to be a decent welder But I can tell you it helps tremendously
skilled high pressure welders get top pay! and are in high demand.
that certification is worth more than most doctorate degrees!


Postdoc, doing research in numerical acoustics and optimization :smiley:


So you’re going to go into the audio career field?


I’m an entry level computer technician.

Dare I say… A Level 1 Tech? :thinking:

  1. Dispatch coordinator, I work in the material handling and logistics department and mostly deal with export shipments going outside of the EU.

  2. Many, but lately I’ve been thinking if I should try to aim for doctoral degree. I really liked academia and doing research while writing my master’s thesis, especially since my former professor saw the benefit of combining system science and game research. My other dream job is to be a game developer, maybe even game director, producer or something like that. I’m not saying I would be good at it, but hey, it’s a dream. :smile:


Yes! I actually use this as the guide for my settings. I find it incredibly relaxing, or at least requires relaxing, when the shield is down and all you have is the point light and sound. It zones out the world a bit and I can just focus on that.

I am only starting so certs and so on will come soon enough.


Most likely, my research is paid by hearing aid companies…