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What is your job?


Thanks for the hint :wink:
Nah, I am still working on my CCNA and higher education entrance qualification for when I want to study system security and cryotology. But for now it’s still broadening-my-base-knowledge time :slight_smile:

But I can’t wait to get more into Sec, when I got time I am watching a video guide on the CCNA Security part.


I fix robots for a company that doesn’t exist yet.

It’s a lot of linux troubleshooting, hardware debug, wire chasing, hardware calibration, and some other weirdness.

Some days I’m sorting out permissions of some proprietary software, some days I’m chasing wire faults, and some days I’m building test fixtures from scratch.

Quite a lot of fun.


I’m a Linux and Unix consultant but my work is not restricted to those operating systems. Most of the time my clients are paying me to architect some solution or to develop automation scripts and processes.

I hate with passion business processes, buzzwords and everything related to management strategies like ITIL. That makes me a terrible manager and that’s why I’ve been climbing the technical ladder for the last 15 years.


I’m a consultant in Seattle and do work for a large cloud service provider to help them get their services through audits (i.e. FedRAMP, HITRUST, SOC 2, etc) and maintain compliance, primarily so they can sell their services to the US government.

I’d say I’m probably in my dream job, hard to think of a company that treats me better than my company does now, although I think eventually I want to work for the CSP in question…


Nice route. If you live close to a military base, start applying for contractors to get your clearance. I do red team pentesting/ops for a dod contractor and I love it. Everyday it’s something new to learn, and I work with incredibly intelligent people.

Also, get yourself known in the infosec community. Start a blog, attend local conferences (bsides, blackhat, defcon, RSA etc,etc), meet/network around. Quickest way to get your name tossed around.


Went to school for IT, quit that to go to welding school, currently work at O’Reilly Auto Parts. I did just finish my TIG welding courses and I’m applying for jobs all through Phoenix. EDIT: Forgot my dream job. I want to have my own fab shop someday.


Lims administrator for an pharmaceutical/medical device release testing companies in europe.


I’m an IT projects team leader and escalation point for troubleshooting.

I get to play with all sorts of IT toys.

the buck stops with me. If i can’t fix it, i need to find somebody who can.


Police Officer


Heh, nice.

Check out Nichole Forsgrin’s research on DevOps. Might help you in the direction you want to go. She doesn’t approach it from a technical perspective but a management and business perspective. Applying technology to business problems, which includes mismanagement, buzzwords, productivity, etc.

I am a Systems Engineer that focuses on developing systems for hosting big databases, high processing, and high memory usage. We have data intensive systems that are hard to predict when the bulk of our traffic will come through. My primary duties are reserved for standing up the system, automating the deployments, load balancing, and scaling, and writing software to manage our backend technologies.

I’m definitely in Dream Job territory. I’d like to go automation engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, or Research and Development.


Well in my working contract i ´m noted as an system administrator responsible for network and voice and everything that doesnt have a gui…
In RL i feel like a babysitter for everybody and everything that has a network cable connected to it…


Sadly, this is a loooooooooot of I.T. departments. Part of my incentive to take on my current role is it wasn’t part of the I.T. department but the Engineering department. I.T. is separate.

I was tired of moving furniture because no one wanted to say no “to the client” or handle an escalation because level 1 or 2 didn’t want to troubleshoot slow networking and tell the client to get off WiFi.

Corporate I.T., Sysadmin, and Hell Desk made me hate tech after so many years. Reinvigorated in my current role.

The grass is greener, hang in there.


I have gone from “Hell Desk” over to Sysadmin about 7 years ago when i was 22. Before that i worked at a smaller IT Shop since i was 13. I dont have a problem with the generall users since i already know they are “stupid” in terms of IT. What pisses me off are my so called “IT colleagues”
80% of my time is going into correcting misconfigurations from them or simply finding where the hell those guys set and “allow any to any” on the firewall because it works… That someone can access our fianicial system from our public hotspot with a non secure device which isnt owned by the company… who cares :smiley:


My current job - I.T. guy at the city hall, pretty calm
My dream job- stockbroker, maybe one day…


Inventory Control Auditor/Forklift Driver in one of the largest warehouse complexes in the state. It’s boring work, but it pays decently.

I’m working on finishing up my Compt A+ cert, and am applying for info tech help desk jobs at the moment. Just want my foot in the door, and I’ll work my way up.


I think as an future IT guy with a background in logistics you should have no problems finding a good paying and fun job.
In our region in germany those people are really hard to come by atm.


I work in the field of industrial automation. So I’m some kind of software developer but also a sysadmin. The system I work with is based on SLES but the stuff I program is based on VxWorks so its a completely different way of thinking.

  1. Whats your job / (or what do you study)
    The official title is 'Network and Infrastructure engineer" but what’s in a name. I design, implement and maintain the network for a large DIY firm. With 3 datacenters over 2 countries. My day to day tasks include switch management, POC creation and working on our Security Audits. I started in IT when I was 16 and never regretted a single second of it. I’m 23 now and ready for more challenges coming my way
  2. Whats your dream job?
    BA for IT or maybe network architect. But I’ll need at least a decade of experience before that.


I do bulk laptop repair for public school systems (mostly).

It’s mind numbing. Just replacing parts. No software or OS work though. Just throw parts at a pile of broken laptops and fix as many as possible.


I imagine you saying this like one of the flinstones appliances, like a bird-lamp.
sqwaaak it’s a living