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What is your job?


Currently doing surveys making 3rd world wages giving data to companies to sell for much more.

Dream job …

Harness racing - groom, trainer, driver


Currently: General purpose employee at petrol/gas station and tobacconist (by that I mean, I’m at the registers, cleaning the bathroom and making coffees; we have no cleaners/shelf stackers so everyone has to do everything).

Working towards: High school teacher (Maths, science, IT)

Dream job: Probably designing/building custom, “bespoke” as the kids would say, computer cases/ desks out of wood and stuff.

  1. musician
  2. same but mo money would be kew

  1. Student working on BS for computer science.
  2. Dream job would be to own my own consulting company with a barcade on the ground floor with the consulting company on the second floor of a renovated oldish building. I also like theoretical computer science as well so maby a PHD doing research in that field?


Working for the DoD splitting my time between 2 projects. Linux SysAdmin and Cyber team (Red Ops)

Dream job is Red team physical penetration for security firms.


Currently a “Desktop technician” but my real duties are replacing old machines and upgrading machines to windows 10 and whatever other little things appear in my email.

Dream job would be a consultant that replaces their current windows environment with linux but that’s a ways away.


PhD researcher in numerical acoustics…


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The dream…


  1. Full time student working toward BS in Physics and Engineering Physics. I also do work study here at one of the IT offices. So I fix things, or rent out mics, projectors, TVs, adapters, so on.

  2. Will probably go to grad school to get a Ph.D. in Physics, but might just try to get hired by AMD or Intel. Intel hired a senior from the engineering physics program here last year, so I think my odds are pretty good for either company. Preferably AMD though.

  1. I am a fulltime videographer in the Louisville, KY area. Make my living telling peoples stories. It’s a lot of fun.
  2. But ultimately, I want to be a full time Colorist. It’s my favorite part of videography and what I spend all my team reading books on, studying and practicing.


Systems Engineer for an MSP

A fancy way of saying Tier 1 support. But since my company is only 5 people. I am also tier 2 and tier 3 support, currently we only can escalate once, up to the owner.

Last time I posted in this thread I was an IT Manager. My new company has room to grow in terms of Learning, Pay, and Title. So I likely will stick around for awhile. My old company I had hit the top of the IT ladder.

  1. Whats your job / (or what do you study)

I am a apprentice programmer that changed mid-education onto system and network administration :wink:

  1. Whats your dream job?

Pentester/IT Security


Get familiar with Python, PS, and C and that’ll help you a lot with Pentesting. you have any certs?


1.) Retired/Investor, but this is fairly recent.

My career was in computer science. The job titles seem to change every few weeks, but I’ve been a System Administrator, Site Reliability Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Backend Engineer and, for a brief time, Product Manager.

2.) I’m kinda doing it, now that I don’t really do anything.

I was absolutely passionate about tech, but I grew to hate it after such a long time spent working on other people’s tech. Now I work on mine. If I feel like it.


What kind of cool stuff did you and your team make?


I’m a Data Scientist. Python, R, SQL, MongoDB and a bunch of other stuff.


I work as an IT Technician.

I would like to work for a linux systems integrator like System76. I love hardware and would love to help bring linux to the masses. I’m pretty burnt out on MS.


“We solved logging. Two lines of code, any log type, visualized.” I’m bad at elevator pitches.

Specifically, we made the collection of internal log and build data stupidly easy. Each team had ownership of their full stack, so there were as many log formats as applications. We ran the internal logging infrastructure, integrated with our metrics and monitoring, and presented preconfigured dashboards for the ingested data.

We got pretty intense about something as boring as logs. We were testing the limits of ElasticStack, needed to write a completely new time series database, and had only begun to start applying machine learning to that data before a decision from above unintentionally ended the whole project.

Watching the cogs of a corporate machine completely disregard the work of a team of top-notch engineers was something I couldn’t handle. The downside of Agile in VC Funded behemoths is that they so easily discard people’s work.

I started looking into retirement after that.


Follow Todd Weaver on Mastodon. Purism is doing another round of hiring currently, and he usually posts about them there before the actual listing goes up.


Thanks for the info. I like what they are doing as well.