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What is your job?


Currently drive a forklift for an inventory control department of a extremely large arts and crafts warehouse. It sucks, but the pay and benefits aren’t too bad, I guess.

What I want to do: When I get off the waiting list for classes at a local vo-tech school, I’m going to study either Networking Information Systems, or Virtualization and Cloud Storage.

The certs are similar, so I signed up for both for a better chance at getting in. From what I gather, it’s kind of a “choose your own adventure” game as far as IT goes. Choose your certs, get experience somewhere, then go where you want to go. It just takes a while to get where you want to be.

  1. Tax professional/ small business owner

  2. dream job… hmm… I’d say this one, or professional gamer (rocket league of course :stuck_out_tongue:), or professional musician.

  1. Retail at a Telus Mobility dealership, freelance IT, coffee roaster, local newspaper startup.

  2. Own and operate a private education organization.

  1. IT technician at a facility that manufactures parts for Oil and Gas and Aerospace.
    We’ve got a lot of lightweight end users, sales and inventory and such, but we’ve also got a lot of design and CAD people.
    We’ve got a small team, so I do sysadmin stuff, help desk, project mgmnt, and im talking with Dell DMC for a data center upgrade.

  2. I really really love what I’m doing now, but If I had a Dream job, it would be working from home somehow, with my wife also home doing her design and I would sysadmin for the two of us


System administrator / 3rd line support / Internal project delivery

  1. Computer Science student.
  2. Any tech job. Software, Sysadmin, Security, yalla yalla.

  1. IT for Telus Canada.

  2. Work for Tesla.


Software engineer


Ask for a raise! :wink:


linux sysadmin

  1. Bulk laptop repair technician.
  2. Dream job? Probably something in game development. I have some ideas that I think would be spectacular. Professional gunsmith would probably be a close second.


I think the last time I posted here I worked at UPS so update time.
I’m a professional system builder for AVADirect. I’ve built anywhere from simple gaming PCs to trade show builds such as these (Yes I built these ones in particular)



Does it stay fun or get old? Or a bit of both?


It doesn’t have the same wow factor it used to but I enjoy my job every day.


(Past: electrician & ICT technician.)
Current: Machine grinder, polisher, assembler and finalizing dude in the largest concrete company in the country, producing all kinds of stair elements.
Was supposed to be a part-time job til I found something tech-related but fell in love with the job, people, chiefs and company ethics… great small bonuses too.
Dream job? Pretty much all manual labour as long as the environment is great.


Story time! How did you get that job?


I applied through indeed… Mentioned my hobbies. Got an interview, pile of parts was laid out in front of me, including an asetek bracket and some other arbitrary things most people wouldn’t recognize… I identified everything flawlessly and left photos of my water-cooled system. Was contacted an hour later told to come in for a “second interview” it wasn’t even an interview I basically got asked if I liked sports and some stupid other questions by a higher up. Basically I had already been chosen they were just going through formalities. Was told I got the job after that and here I am


I work private security for a private community. Decent pay and amazing benefits. Previously before this year I worked at a hardware store with no benefits and had my hours cut every winter. Couldn’t be happier now.

  1. Full time student, still living with my folks, getting a B.S in Business Administration (Accounting concentration) and a certification in applied finances and economics, required for the bachelors. Will get a minor in economics due to all of that as well.

  2. Would love to work in the business sector for a tech/video game company, hopefully something that would utilize some of that economics knowledge. I’m a real people person, and my strength lies in communication and working with others much more than what I could offer as a programmer.


1.nuclear physicist
2.Fulltime total world dominator.

well on my way.