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What is your job?


maybe this is the type of guy that doesn't bitch about working in a basement full of bats...
Think the possibilities.....


how large is your farm? Do you own it or are you a worker in the cog?

I'm a cook, so love to know more about food sources :)

Not sure if its my dream job, but if i fell into extreme wealth, i'd probably just have a tiny farm mainly just to supply myself and family. Although i'd probably have more exotic animals, Ostrich, Duck, Goose, Lamb, Goat, and Pig ofcoarse... mmmmm.... pork......


you make a good point sir


thank you, good sir.

  1. M.Sc Student in Psychology / Human-Computer Interaction
  2. Sales assistant / warehouse assistant at the biggest electronics store.


I was displaced by AI and robots. Now I think about life and stroke my beard.

  1. Shipping/ Receiving/ Inventory Department in a Medical Warehouse in SoCal. Also slowly mastering photography, working on independent short films. I also have a great interest in working 3D.

  2. This is an unknown I feel I need to travel around (kind of hard with little money.) But I am still going to school, this time going to go for my BS in Business Management ( It might be quickest to get since I am only able to take 1 or 2 classes a semester.) taking the cheapest route possible I am using my own money, not trying to get debt here.


Cunning linguist / Master debater.
Cellphone store looser @ metropcs


Truck Driver, currently enrolled at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

Dream Job: comedian


You, I like you




Designer and construction manager of municipal road and utility infrastructure projects. No matter how bad the first world economy gets, people still prefer that their water tap works and toilets flush.

Dream Job: Lottery Winner/Whatever interests me

  1. in between jobs, now im working as assistant at a rehab center
  2. dunno yet... maybe an artist? not sure


I'm a geek that posts answers to dumb questions on forums


Currently an unemployed kettering student looking for a internship at a company that need either a programmer of hardware engineer as I am a dual major


New job:

BI consultant, working mainly with MS products like MSSQL, PowerBI etc.

Dream job:

This one!

  1. Site/SysAdmin working my way from IT to ICT and all the related infraestructure
  2. Idk maybe CIO in the mid run, i also would like to start my own IT contractor firm, every aspect of IT seems that will be outsourced apart from Managment

  1. Worked as an Intern for a school district they didn’t hire full so I’m going to hopefully be working for comcast in a few weeks, or job hunting as usual…

  2. Net or Sys admin maybe, my hopes and dreams are ever changing…

  1. i’m a cook, i work mostly fine dining and weddings during the summer.

  2. I can’t wait until robots take all of our job and we all just sit on our asses all day and collect unemployment. Or idk, maybe something programming related, just need to find the time and drive to pick it.

  1. Machinist/CNC Programmer/Print Crib bitch (this last part fucking sucks and is demeaning).

Maybe someday I’ll be replaced by automation… then I think I’ll just go live in the woods.

  1. I love prototyping parts, tinkering in post processor code (the HSMWorks post processor is written in JS), problem solving in general… but I don’t know really. I think I would like doing anything that makes me think and doesn’t feel useless. Has to be at least somewhat technical.