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What is your job?


My job is shitposting in the lounge


You give up playing nice so instead you sit at home leeching off tax payer's money?
If our "stupid species" was that much of a big deal to you then you would work hard and try to change the fact that we "want to kill each other".
Do you Elon Musk just sat there and said, "hm, our planet isn't going to last much longer, might as well waste my life!", No, he's set out to try and make space travel feasible for all.


I test data center hardware from servers to networking equipment making sure it's all working as it is supposed to. We work for clients like major world banks, this means we have what is effectively a clone of their data center in our building ready to be shipped to their data centers in the event of a critical failure. The idea is to be able to decom a server there and replace with our clone and do it within a short time frame reducing overall downtime.

dream job would be to work with animal rehabilitation, things like kangaroos.


Must have a pretty large building.


It is actually 6 warehouse units converted into 3 seperate warehouses with workshops. Lots of security which is a pain, I have to swipe my card 3 times to go for a piss


Interesting... Where are you based if you don't mind me asking


In the UK


1) Locksmith
2) Hitman

I used to work in a funeral home.


Photocopier engineer - dealing with MFDs (mainly Konica Minolta) and anything else that can print, dealing with hardware and software/solutions side of things. I'm more software tho.

Dearm job would be a sysadmin.


What I do: Tech support, desk job, for digital signage in places like, Tim Hortons, Wal-mart, RBC, and McDonald's.
What I wish I was doing: working on deploying VMware and/or virtualization servers and work stations.


Studying Computer Science and Video Game Development.
I want to Start up my own company and make dream video games come true


Bartender at a craft beer bar..
But i swear im not a hipster.

I'm also a English Comp major, workin on some stories.
fuck I am a hipster.
I dont wear scarf's though, nor do I dress in flannel


Researcher -- [my university's] Electrical and Computer Engineering Department -- Digital Signal Processing and High Performance Wireless Communications Laboratory. -- Voodoo magic lab


I'm currently in college studying Information Systems Management.

As for my dream job....shrugs

  1. Made an apprenticeship as a mechanic for toothbrush producing machines. Now searching for an new job.

  2. Technical constructor (CAD) for industrial products or IT guy for system technic (servers and so on).

P.s. Sorry for my unprecise trasnlations, over here in switzerland this jobs are named a lot different... xD


Languages are funny like that, especially when it comes technical jargon/industry terms.


So true, in german I'm a mechanic. In english it can be translated as an engineer. Meanwhile in german engineer means: Studied around 10 years at the university...
So if I title myself an engineer in german, I can face a fine, because here it's a doctor title.



1.) IT Field Technician, while working on a Bachelors in Telecommunications Systems Management, along with a AAS in Networking Administration.
2.) Dream job would have to be working at a NOC as a network/virtual engineer.


I am a military broadcaster and looking for video production and broadcast work on the outside, since I am part time military now.

Hey Tek guys, if you're hiring, I am available and live in the Seattle area. I am great at events and high stress environments. If I can shoot video and do interviews in combat zones I can do whatever you need.


1) Whats your job / (or what do you study)
I work as a Network & System Administrator/Engineer and I'm studying for my Certs.
2) Whats your dream job?
I believe this is my dream job, as long as I can continue to tackle new technologies; I like this part almost as much as seeing a newly implemented network segment come to life.