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What is your job?


No need to feel bad, it's just good to realize that everything has it's darker side (except for photons I suppose XD).

There are several gases. Some are quite toxic, some are corrosive, and some are highly flammable or pyrophoric.
HBr (not really THAT bad compared to the others)
TCS (Trichlorosilane)
SiD4 ( Deuterated SiH4)
These are all ones that I have experience with ( other than the couple that I can't list due to legal reasons) but there are other nasty chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process for various electronics.

Anybody who has spent time in a semicon fab also knows that there is a lot of nastiness that is involved in the industry. It's a very interesting industry but, as is the case in many industries, there are definitely risks involved.


Game developer. I've been in the industry my entire career (professionally since 2006) and I love what I do, even when the stress makes me want to throw myself out the window.

That said... I would love to be a car photographer. Specifically high-end/exotic cars - I have little/no interest in taking pictures of much else.


Custodian for a daycare agency, or as I'm known within the company, a Sanitation Engineer. Pays good, low pressure, lots of nice ladies, and pays enough so I can continue to do what I really love to do. Also part-time schooling for AA.

My dream would be to design and fab custom computer chassis in a way I'd be able to make a living off my own brand.


Graduated med school ,no job yet.
Generic medicine development


Retail, salesperson, jobhopper (sadly), i hate it, everything about it
Make some ''extra'' money dj'ing, assembling pc's, side stuff like making audio tracks and merch/record design etc

I dream of having a reliable job i enjoy doing (who doesn't?), being creative, make film or game music, design awesome merchandise for all sorts of things i suppport, help organise events, something creative that is both reliable and can get my bills paid.... dream on.


Systems admin, college instructor, freelance IT support. I'm also studying for a personal trainer certification.

I would love to be a part of the forefront of technology, although my skill set and location hardly allow for it. The best I could do is market/review/benchmark products or provide feedback on designs/products to manufacturers, both of which are already done by much more well-known tech-gurus. My current plan is to save money to relocate towards tech industries, rather than the corn fields. I have done this once, but with poor planning and absolute minimal savings. I lasted 3 months away from "home" until I exhausted my savings, and minimum wage earnings, hunting for a job. I've added much more to my portfolio, and bank account, since then. Perhaps it is time to try again.

Too bad Tek Syndicate isn't hiring outside of the Seattle area. :-)

  1. IT Support Engineer / Also attending collage to supplement IT skills.
  2. Technical job where I feel like a make a difference (if that makes any sense or is a substantial answer).


1) I have been in two trades, I started off out of Year 12 as an apprentice boiler maker/ welder, the company went tits up after the Sydney Olympic site was finished (apparently the owner of the company didn't think it was important to take on jobs for after work on the Olympic site was finished), so then I did an apprenticeship in Mechanical repair, after 16 years of doing that and working up from just a lowly 1st year to being a full master technician for HMCA (Hyundai Motor Company Australia, left the trade due to increasing back, neck, shoulder and knee problems).

2) I'm on the way to my dream job now, left the trade to study IT (networking) and will be starting my own business in the field next year at some point.


1) Currently my job has me working on Video Production mainly focused on closed captioning and broadcast standards compliance. I have a small amount of IT duties in my job keeping the office network and Loaner PC's updated. I work in a mac based office its sad some days how hard Apple makes controlling your own network.

2) Dream job getting to putz around on any old random metalworking or crafts project I want.


Data center Tech, work with CentOS

  1. Forklift driver at a factory.
  2. Being an artist. I tried to be a serious artist a long time ago. Being an artist is like being a slave to two masters. First master is art the second is making money to live.

  1. Contract camera operator and video editor. Love what I do but sometimes miss the stability of a full time job. I do work part time in a produce shop as well but the majority of my work is in the video world. The goal is to phase the produce work out.

  2. Love camera and video work, but I also love making things. I am learning how to use a desktop CNC and it is a dream to put out a line of cases, as well as do custom case mods for a living


Have you started to create content for youtube? If not how come?


Im currently a sys admin for a tiny company in London. The pay is meh but the hours are basically any hours I want and the perks are great.

My dream job is actually what I have now just full time and better payed <3 (Im currently getting "intern" grade pay because f my boss)

  1. I work in construction, specifically custom home building (for customers who have more money than I will ever have), my favorite description of my job is "go here do that", which has as of late been grinding, drilling, and demoing concrete.

  2. I'd like to win the lottery too.

  1. Jr. Unix Sysadmin (I'm only 16)
  2. Cloud specialist (Aka. Get paid a lot of money for fuck all)


On unemployment doing interesting things while the world goes to greed hell.


While other people work their asses off to pay for you to do "interesting things", to the world a favour and get a job?

  1. Telecommunications (Specifically trained in Samsung 7000 series PBX and Avaya IP Office). Currently studying for my CompTIA Network+ and have prepaid to study CCNA next. Both being done through distance learning in my spare time.

  2. Telecoms/ Networking consultant with flexible hours and very good pay which could allow me to learn new things and do interesting things with technology in my spare time. I'd also be pretty interesting in working in network security e.i. pentesting/consulting.

I love what I do and I work for an awesome company who support both my personal and professional goals. Wouldn't change it for the world.


No Ive run that treadmill for decades. We are a stupid species that does nothing but want to kill each other. I give up playing nice.