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What is your job?


No one needs to hire me as part of the company, I get shit done and done right the first time, big and small businesses love me because I'm cheaper than hiring a team or even one person and I do things just as well or better. Basically money is the biggest part of it and what I do is technically illegal, but I like this lifestyle.(I meant to say "under the table", not underground)


1 I'm an analytical biochemist currently working on advancing cold techniques for decontamination of reusable endoscopes specifically to minimise Cree infections.
2 millionaire playboy philanthropist , or just a lab/workshop with an unlimited budget .


Oh you'll be fine then. Having connections makes finding a job 99% easier. Hell, in some fields, it's a requirement.
I hate you.

This would be hilarious, yet slightly disturbing if true. Proof?

Other than being busy all the time, sounds like you've got it pretty good. Do you treat your employees with respect?

Exactly. Some want one, some want the other, but a lot want both and are too stubborn to settle for less. Thus, people still can't find work.

Was that really necessary to share?

No genius?


I do have it good I know that :)
I try my best to treat everyone with respect, not just my employees. Do I succeed? I am sure I do, but I also sure I can do better.


1) walmart department manager (god my life sucks)
2) not walmart


That's better than 99% of all management. Maybe there is hope for the human race, after all.


HAHA so true. And no we are all still doomed, sorry :( I am not enough


F-35 Crew Chief for the Airforce, basically the overall maintainer for the jet, jack of all trades; expert of none. I love what i do.


1) Comp Sci student
2) Working IT at my school part-time, got pushed up into a management role. Really miss going out and troubleshooting.


Fuck'n turkey catcher Bitches.


1) Audio mastering engineer & sound designer
2) Audio mastering engineer but in my own house in a rural area of West Cork, Ireland.


Thanks dude, same for you!


1) Managed Solutions Provider in IT
2) YouTube content creator


1) Geographic Information Systems Support Specialist. I handle licensing and admin stuff more than actually using the software to do mapping.

Long story short, studied music for 9ish years, tore a muscle couldnt play, smashed geography and computers together for 2 years. GIS. Love it.

2) Applying GIS to real world problems to deepen our understanding of spatial phenomena.


I'm currently a computer engineering student, that is also a self-employed tech entrepreneur(might as well make use of my technical skills) My dream career is to own my business/company.


I have a bachelor of commerce in operations management. Currently unemployed.

Operations management is like engineering except dealing with problems with intangible things rather than material based problems. Process design and improvement is what I want to have a career in, but I am also trained in logistics, and cost reduction. Logistics is incredibly boring though, hence part of the reason why I am unemployed.

My dream job I guess would be working at setting up Jocque Fresco's "resource management' system in his 'resource based economy' as outlined by his 'Venus Project' as showcased in the documentary "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward". His proposed system is the ultimate project within my field.


I have a degree in Applied Physics but turned to the dark side and became an engineer.
I basically implement projects for a large industrial gas manufacturer in the US. We purify, package, and redistribute all of the terrible gases that go into making all of our wonderful electronics.

Dream job = CERN or NIF. Hands down.


I envy the lot of you I had to drop out of university to get a job couldn't afford to do both.


A lot of people mortgage their life (i.e. take out loans) to do that.

Make us feel bad. What terrible gases go into making tech? I read an article about the sludge lakes that are a byproduct of minerals that go into making tech. I felt terrible after reading that.

  1. OTR Truck driver 12-14+ hour days, I generally work for 28 days and then Im home for 3-4.

  2. Own/Operate my own music production studio... Something small with only a few employees, with one main office and a decent studio in the basement of or out behind my dream house, somewhere out in the country. :D