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What is your job?


I am just a Laborer, because I don't have a degree/diploma in anything usefull, thanks to ADD not being a thing at that time. My IQ score was high above average. So, if I was born five or ten years later I would have been to University without a doubt, be it on prescription drugs.

  1. I am a Semi Truck detailer/Janitor/Lot Coordinator.
  2. If I could support my family by detailing vehicles and building/fixing pc's that would be dreamy...


1) Front Desk Associate and going to school for Computer Information and Systems

2) any sort of job where i can mess with Computer Hardware and Servers really.


1) Support for electronics repair techs. Basically if a tech is trying to repair something like a TV, and they need help, they call me to tell them how to do the diagnostics. Too many people have no business repairing electronics (I have no idea how so many people get certified to perform factory warranty work for so many manufacturers when they don't even know AC vs DC). I'm also taking part time classes to get an EE degree.

2) I guess my dream job would be working for some company doing circuit design. I just gotta finish that degree... which looks to be three years after never.


Underground IT for hire (I will disclose this)


1) computer technician in a small town

2) idk, i think i would like to keep doing this (would be better if there was more linux orientated work involved)


Current Job : Network Engineer for a Government Department
Dream: Benchmarking New technology in different configurations and/or working with aquaculture (aquaponics)


Current Job - Senior Software Developer (mostly web technologies)
Dream Job - I somewhat wish I'd gone to University and become an Electronics Engineer.


Auto technician. ASE Master certified/GM certified.

Dream job... I have no idea.


1 I am a roustabout (work in the oilfeild)
2 I dont really have a dream job

  1. Lawyer
  2. Professional Gamer or Video Game YouTuber


I can't wait for you guys to go all super haterish on me for this...

  1. Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent
  2. I wanna work in a datacenter. Preferably in datacenter management or design but I'd settle for just being there for now.

  1. I'm a B.Sc of Psychology with focus in HCI and I am working on my M.Sc.
  2. Probably UX Researcher at Google / Youtube or something, pay well and very awesome work environment (had some projects with them)

  1. Finance Analyst
  2. Race car driver, but there's really not going to happen because I'm not rich with an endless supply of spare parts

  1. .Net Programmer
  2. Always wanted to work on video games, but more practically inventor of an app that everyone wants... then maybe my own CEO.

  1. UAV Pilot/Instructor

  2. Real Pilot.

Been in the Military for 15 years, it will end, one day!


compared to above ground IT, do you mean your a gray hat hacker that will get things done if asked, with money, because I don't really see the purpose of having an underground sys admin.



  • Richard Stallman 2015


Ah, .Net is now open source and they plan to become cross platform, so we may soon see the day that C# is run on Linux, Android, and OSX. The non-enterprise versions of tools (Visual Studio) are also free now. I'm not saying I don't want to learn something like Node and Mongo, and also get into Linux, but MS is really trying to transform .Net into something less bloated and more broadly useful, at which point it would be easier to do Linux, also I mostly just play games at home which... Windows. Also, super high .Net demand maaaannnn $$


Fyi, Microsoft are open sourcing .NET.
.NET core is now in RC. You can run ASP.NET websites under linux if you please.

Also, they just open sourced their (actually pretty good) code editor, VS Code, check it out.

MS has been heading in a nice direction for devs in the past few years. I think they get a lot of unwarranted hate just because they are Microsoft.

Sorry for the terrible grammar, posting from my phone whilw taking a deuce :)