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What is your job?


1) I really have no idea if it is better to name it or to describe it. So here we go! I put models of machines made by my collegues into a simulation programm and try to break them by leting them run as intended except for very small details. Then I write my report about the failure and feed the next thing into the workstation.

2) Author, I write for the fun of it. If I could turn my hobby into my job.... sigh

  1. build computers for people in my area, and work part time at a rock gym.
  2. 3D graphical designer of software engineer or network admin.


1.) I'm studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Science in Information Systems, Computer Science and Marketing. I've done a fair few things part time while i've been studying - Brand Ambassador, Web Dev and most recently a marketing consultant.

2.) I want to be the next barnacules/jaystwocents/jokerproductions. Ideally i'd be able to talk about/write about hardware and create content for a living. Started up my own channel recently, we'll see how that goes. Other than that a game dev would be quite cool, the guys who made Path of Exile are only about 20 mins away from me.


Oh nice. If you have had an internship and or live in an area with a lot of tech jobs it's easier. Contacts might go even further than an internship. Best of luck.

I started doing some tutoring. I'm helping a 14 year old boy build a robotic arm for a school project. I'm not making much, but it's enough to help with my PC build.


Current job: Networking and IT Security @ IBM

Dream job: Currently living the dream :) // maybe doing the same in other part of the world.. here in Uruguay payment and taxes are kinda.... not friendly..
After many years with a bit of luck from my epic beard. I manage to get into this world...


current job: nothing atm
dream job: The next Ron Jeremy

dream job: working for some game company i respect.


Currently I work at a supermarket part time stocking shelves while I'm studying, I've gone on long term annual leave after my cancer diagnosis early last month because of chemotherapy.

Ultimately once I'm done studying I would like to pursue photojournalism, or a military career..


Working in the consumer electronics sector at the moment. I deliver, install and repair all kinds of equipment: TV's, Hi-Fi stuff, video equipment etc. I also do professional grade sound installations like stage sound and enterprise sound systems.
Planning to either become a professional musician or a system builder in the future. lol

EDIT: I also kinda want to start my own little company, doing consumer electronics and IT stuff.

  1. Linux bum
  2. Robopsychologist


Best of luck to you with your treatment! Kick cancer's ass! As far as the military goes, I'm currently in the Air Force as a munitions systems troop. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have! I've seen several Navy people on this thread as well, I'm sure they'd be happy to help out. (Although seriously Air Force is the best branch to be in imho) Again best of luck to you!


Currently an enlisted Munitions Systems (AMMO) Airman at Eglin AFB FL Love my job! Don't want to be here forever though so when my enlistment's up (cool thing about the AF is that you get an associate's degree in whatever career field you enter if you get just a few credits on the side while you're in and some colleges will waive your general education requirements if you have that) I'll be applying at the University of Advancing Technology and a few other colleges to pursue a Bachelor's in Computer Science. Would love to work for Mindbody, their headquarters is in my hometown and they seem like they'd be super fun to work for.

  1. Currently odd jobs(maintenance, yard work, heavy lifting stuff, etc.), lawn mower/small engine mechanic in training, and I'm doing computer/tech support jobs on the side.

  2. Get certifications and a bachelors in Computer Science and climb up the ladder close to a Network Admin, if not become a network admin, or find a nice position at an IT firm.


I'm a telecom trouble tech for a railway in northern BC. I upkeep and fix part of the national radio network, as well as the private intranet we use as a company. I look after a few hundred miles of copper telecom infrastructure, and about a zillion miles of microwave and uhf p2p links that provide radio coverage for trains. As well as supporting our signal maintainers with everything they do to keep trains from running over buses full of kids.

Dream job? I'm not sure. I've got a pretty good job now, so maybe fewer hours of overtime and more coworkers so I'm not on call 1/2 of my life.


1) Currently a video editor working for a company that licenses copyrighted content. Have pretty much always worked in media, mostly in the camera department. I did work for Amazon once, picking and packing in one of their warehouses, shitty job that really changed my perspective on life, but the pay was pretty decent :)

2) Would love to side step into something more IT based, but I'm really not sure what would be possible. Probably something to do with developing online video platforms and related tech/infrastructure. Or for a total wildcard, testing and fixing games at GoG. Not so much for the 'playing', I just enjoy tinkering with games.


Thanks dude! :) Yeah I was considering a military career before and had done my YOU session, but I have to talk to them again to see if they will accept me after I'm In remission. From what I hear they will refuse you on medical grounds until your five years into remission, which sucks a bit... :/



  1. Overlord of the space cat empire's box inspection company (I got a couple promotions).
  2. Overlord of the space cat empire.


Hey man glass half full! I'd rather be in remission any day. You can still do a lot outside the military. And five years down the road if it's still something you want to pursue go for it. It's very rewarding, and I feel like you find out more about yourself than you do anything else. Good luck to you!

  1. Network Technician and Call Center Representative
    I’m in school to become a computer programmer. Will have my Associates degree after one more semester.

  2. I want to write software applications full time.

Update: 2018-07-25

  1. Now an IT Support Specialist. My career in this is devoid of any meaning and happiness.
    Got my A.A.S, going for my BS in Software Development now so that’s nice.
  2. I still want to write software. Not giving up, will die trying.

Update: 2018-12-18
Left my job as an IT Sup. Spec. to pursue education full time again.

  1. Customer Assistant at a large chain supermarket
  2. Some kind of network manager for a mobile phone company, doing things like rolling out 4G and making sure all cell sites are operating to the best of their ability, I'm definitely a geek when it comes to mobile phone networks.

It's great to see how many people here have jobs in the I.T industry, I don't see myself ever being able to do what I want without the qualifications or experience, so I just have a job that pays the bills.


1) I am an IT Manager
2) IT Director/CTO/CSO/CIO any Chief or Director level job.

Although I doubt my current company is the place to get to my dream job, which sucks because I love everyone I work with, and while I am busy all the time I am never stressed out, a rare thing I think in the IT field.