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What is your job?


Sounds like a nice gig.


it varies... its good when thinks work, and fucking horendous when they dont.. for example, internet goes down, nothing to do with us, but its sill my fault..


As is the way with IT. If stuff works it's happy days, when it doesn't it feels like the whole world is against you.


Well I don’t get paid but I think I am finally doing something good with my life working part time for The Inn of the Good Shepherd.

Update: No longer work there and so I just do survey work at home making pathetic money.

As for a dream job well that would be owning, training and driving standardbred horses.


1) I am an Electronics Technician in the Customer Repair department at an Aviation Electronics company. I work on NAV/COM radios primarily.

2) My dream job would be to just build computers for a living. I love picking out computer hardware at different budget points, I love assembling the computers...all of it. Although I could definitely use some practice on my cable management skills if I actually want to get into that field.


Graphic Designer
Freelance Photographer

Desire to have my own agency in the near future


Graduated with a CS degree back in December... I still haven't found anything. I'm hoping to get a data entry job to save up to move to a big city where I can hopefully find something.


That sucks dude. Maybe you should look into getting some computer certs, even though you have a CS degree. It might get you in the field.

  1. Systems Admin
  2. Make a lot of money doing something I love.


Graduated from business in college, messed around for 4 years with different computer studies, and now I'm in a private security program working to be a future bodyguard/residential guard in South Africa


Currently I'm a host and do banquet events in the same hotel within a restaurant. Eventually I want to be able to work from home doing web design or some form of programming. I'm not quite sure what I want to do still.

  1. I'm a car mechanic during holidays / (Engineering / Energy and Process Technology)

  2. Idk, something that enables me to keep learning new skills would be nice.


Damn, that sucks. Did you get a bachelor or a master degree in CS?
Man, data entry sucks.
I'll be getting my bachelor in CS very soon (in 6 months). I have some contacts in the field tho, so I hope to get a job after I get my master degree.


current job: work for the nsa but you cant tell anyone okay?

kidding, i work for a library. pls dont pm me how much you hate me

dream job: ruler of the multiverse where every book and movie is real in at least one reality. till then fixing computers and building them for the people who see technology as magic in hieroglyphs for a wage that i could actually live off of would be nice.


Current job: System Administrator. I basically maintain anything with a PCB in it.

Dream job: That's a tough one, Linux System Administrator.


KY is horrible for IT careers right now, I hate to say it, but its true. I live and work in KY right now as well. Maybe when Google finally shoves its fist through Louisville's door and brings fiber cable infrastructure here, IT jobs might boom.

On topic,

Currently work as a Diesel Technician level 2 for CRST

Want to go back to school to get a Mechanical Engineering degree, I'd like to design and prototype Diesel engines for the future in use in Diesel electric generation powered vehicles.


directing porn and kids tv shows


Pro student

  1. Project Controls Specialist: I specialize in planning, scheduling, and cost tracking large capital projects (mostly different types of chemical plants) using program management software like Primavera P6, SAP, and Ecosys. My educational background is in molecular biology and chemistry though. I was a forensic biologist after I got my degree for little while but I got tired of sitting in a lab and being broke all the time.

  2. Getting payed to do whatever I want would be nice. I have too many interests to have a single dream job so I settled for something that pays well and I don't hate....the majority of the time.


Hmm. Interesting combination.