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What is your job?


Lets see what professions we have here on Tek Syndicate...
I have a feeling many will be tech related lol.

1) Whats your job / (or what do you study)
2) Whats your dream job?

A dairy and beef farmer.
I can't think of anything I would prefer to be honest. Just more free time would be nice.


1) Studying computer science. Been job hopping for quite a while.
2) No idea, to be honest. I like to do so many things, it's driving me nuts when I have to choose one.


1) Software Developer
2) Lottery winner.


Knowing software developers, if they won the lottery they'd probably just spend the money on developing more expensive software, am I right? :)


Knowing software developers, if they won the lottery they'd probably
just spend the money on developing more expensive software, am I right?

Maybe. I have a vision of doing 3 things if I won the lottery

1) Just work pro-bono on the linux kernel (I've contributed a bit in the past, but simply don't have the time to do 'real work' on it)
2) Invent an encrypted facebook clone (problem with this is encryption is one to one concept, while facebook is a many to many concept)
3) Start a youtube channel where I review laptops for how well they work on linux. (eg, I've had to manually patch my kernel on my X1C to get all the hardware working properly, I'd like to have a channel where I discuss/show this for potential consumers).

  1. Crappy retail job not worth dignifying with a title
  2. Something in either software development, chemistry, or physics (I'd love to seen CERN for myself).


Being miserable. Oh and being a uni student too I guess.

  1. studying Computing, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  2. any job where i get to play with computer hardware all day

  1. Low level Software Dev
  2. A Job which I can automate to the point of not having to do anything :P.


I was employed in the coal industry as an operator for well over 2-decades. I was there when they changed over to automation on the stacker-reclaimers, and rail-receival 'dump' stations.

Exposure / interaction to computer process software on machinery like 'Citec', and 'Coal Tracking' (as well as MS-excel) was a big part of my job.

  1. IT at my university, mostly managing the course management system
  2. Not really sure. There's just so many possibilities.

  1. Information/IT Security
  2. dream job.. Astrophysicist, Ill just have to make do with good old armature astronomer for that one.


Interesting. Those wheel excavators blow my mind. The size and the costs involved.


Work at a computer recycle/ repair shop. (Where I get all my older hardware ... Shameless thread plug )

And am also waiting paitently for a software start up buissness I'm working for to get some funding, had some good news last week so it looks like all is going to plan. Hopefully gonna make parallel proccessing feasible :)


1) Whats your job / (or what do you study)
employer: Tire and Lube tech
off work: auto repair / pc repair,upgrade,build

2) Whats your dream job?
to start my own company for pc,
reinvent/revive the internet cafe and start a local pc lan party/Tournaments
may end up attempt local servers if this could turn into something.

will it happen. no clue. do i wish the local market had some...... YES

*** above is on the premise that i could ever get a business plan together and money behind it ***


1) I am a Maintenance Technician at an apartment community. I get to diagnose and fix all kinds of things, appliances, doors/windows, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. Prior to this I was a Timber Framer for 10 years. Also excellent.

2) I would love to have a bigger shop and design and build custom furniture for a living. (Already do it on the side, just don't have the guts to take the plunge.)


I'm a random person on the internet, and I approve this message. There are lots of custom furnatures that I desire, but i lack the carpentry skill and tools to make.


Computer Tech
Idk, sysadmin?


1) Working at a grocery store. Attending Uni next year for Comp Sci Major in Algorithms.

2) A project manager at a software development firm.

  1. I fix and repair beverage equipment, like Coffee brewers, espresso machines, hot choc, juice, slush, job is half driving and half fixing. I never get the same day twice

  2. Hawaiian bikini inspector or just retire.