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What is your favorite video game soundtrack?

So, what is your favorite videogame soundtrack? I mean original soundtrack, not just a bunch of licensed songs. Do you listen to it just like any other kind of music? Do you just like it in game as an atmosphere piece?
Se let’s talk soundtrack in games :slight_smile:

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Doom (2016) has an amazing Soundtrack. Not sure what else to say about it.

Trine 1, 2 and 3 also have nice Soundtracks, they just put an easy calm atmosphere to the whole thing.

Abzû is another one of those well crafted “the game lacks something whithout music” soundtracks.

Witcher 3 is another nice one.

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Just popping in here to drop this:

We had this discussion before. Good stuff in there.
WASD 0015: The Best Music (Original Score) In a Game | Tek Syndicate

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Blood Money (Amiga)(PSygnosis)

Just an FYI, many Amiga games had killer soundtracks and since it was using a multi-channel stereo output I connected it to my old Marantz HiFi receiver for even better sound.

Shadow of the Beast also from Psygnosis comes to mind as well.

I must say I honestly love this soundtrack, no matter Supergiant games are a bunch of DICKS with their EPIC exclusivity bulshit…

I will just leave this in here…


Total annihilation, beautiful classical music quickly shifts into war trumpets!



That reminds me…

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DMC - Devil May Cry
DOOM (2016)

my top 3

I have quite a few OSTs in my collection that are a part of a huge playlist I just have on random.

The First Hunter, however, is probably my favourite song period. A pair of headphones and 5 minutes 12 seconds, it doesn’t matter what has come before, the day’s looking bright.

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Medievil had awesome soundtrack

First Mirror’s Edge soundtrack was so good and fit game’s overall atmosphere really well

Deus Ex: Human Revolution main theme :drooling_face:

Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 all had great soundtracks

I’m probably forgetting many great soundtracks from games. I’ll spam more when I remember them.

also there’s great licensed soundtracks like SSX3 but that’s against thread rulez

As everybody else is adding links…

Dark Souls 3
DOOM (2016)
DMC - Devil May Cry
Rogue Legacy

Can’t link right now but Command & Conquer has some of my favourite music. Particularly the original game, Red Alert and RA2.


Probably the theme of my early teens, thanks for the reminder.


Chrono Trigger

I’m not crying, my eyes are just sweating!

Brain turns off and starts wandering around with the beat.

Honorable mentions, both of which written by non-vidya musicians I like:

Child of Light (Cœur de pirate)

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm (Daughter)




Ace Combat Zero

Ace Combat 5


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I couldn’t say I personally have a favorite, but if I had to spoutxole off the top of my head, privateer gemini gold or Zelda Links Awakening (theres a new wersion blah blah blah my fave rendition is in the royalty free list for twitter on spotify actually)

Chrono was great, but Final Fantasy 6 (FF3US) was hands down the best. If you like retro style game music, the soundtrack to VVVVVV was really awesome.

I almost never seek out music to hear for the sake of hearing it, so the answer to -

is yes, but not because it is in a playlist for me because I don’t generally play music. Silence is golden.

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Makes me think way too much… I always have music in the background…

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Black mesa has been an amazing recreation that I have enjoyed playing over and over again. I find good gameplay mixed with an amazing soundtrack makes for memorable moments that you want to replay over and over again. And the new Xen soundtracks are a joy to listen to, definitely give these a listen!

Heres one of my favorite moments :slight_smile: