What is your favorite free software for power users?

Mine is Fan Control, it goes way beyond what I knew I even wanted in fan control software.



All this is filthy penguin software, but here goes

corectrl - Easier radeon gpu management, looks like Ryzen master

openrgb - rgb is dog shit and i hate the gamer aesthetic so i use it to turn off the rgb on the ram etc

Piper - disable rgb on mice and configure polling rate etc

Notepadqq - notepad++ clone for linux

Lunarnvim - ide mode for neovim

Z.sh - not zsh, but provides a z command for ranking all the most popular directories you cd into and lets you jump around those quick as a flash

TuneD - tuneable performance via systemd service



Free, open, does even more than it “says on the tin”.

The three people who paid for WinRAR and back in the day WinZIP have a better alternative.


I completly forgot about that program, it’s always a first install, I think I take it for granted how good it is and how much it improved my experiance on Windows. It’s a shame I can’t get the Windows 11 intergration to work for right clicking.


if you’re a windows user you can’t go past Powertoys either


Linux: Kate, tilda, cryfs, qmmp, testdisk, fwupd, hollywood (Hollywood Technical Melodrama -- There's an app for that on Ubuntu in Byobu! - YouTube)

Windows: Notepad++, mobaxterm, rufus, geek uninstaller, paintdotnet, pokerth

Combined: yt-dlp, ffmpeg, bleachbit


If are an i3/sway user
mpd + ncmpcpp → music
kitty → terminal
tmux → many terminals inside one
rolfi → program launcher
zathura → read PDF
vim → edit files
conky → many data whatever you like to show

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