What is Your Favorite Browser, and Why?

Hello everybody! I was wondering what is the favorite browser of this community?  I personally use Chrome daily, but I have Firefox downloaded in-case I need to use another browser? How about you? Is there any reason you like one over the other? The only reason I use Chrome is because I got used to it back when it first came out, I think its hot-keys are perfect, and I want to be on the Google/SkyNet side when the robots take over.


internet explorer

because i hate web designers and i want to make them work more

Do you also hate yourself?

Chrome, I use almost all of googles services (except plus of course) so it keeps it all together

I tend to use firefox more. Chrome has the annoying tendency to guess what I want to type and messes up my typing. I tried disabling this feauture but I couldn't. Also youtube runs terribly slow on chrome right now. For lower end computers I don't use chrome since it eats almost 1gb ram by itself. For those I either use firefox or kameleon. Unfortunately too many webpages don't work with a light browser since the whole html5 crap and it doesn't display them right.

Firefox, for my web development, and the use of a lot of highly specific plugins that Chrome doesn't support.

Chrome for the speed, plugins/extensions and the ability to sync across devices. I also keep Firefox around for testing when I'm doing web development.

FF. The plug ins still are the best for me. Ad block, video download, no script etc.

Adblock is killing the internet.

I agree I use it but I unblock sites I want to support such as twitch, youtube teksyndicate and some other websites I use.  People that use It need to understand that people who run the ads dont get money for the ads if they dont see them especially on videos.

waterfox. chrome is a ram/cpu whore when you ahve alot of tabs open... I find it to be the same speed as chrome, regardless......

I think the only reason to use Chrome is aesthetics, and the ability to have your search history, bookmarks, and such saved to your account. I don't use many different computers, though, so I stick to pure Firefox or Opera.

I like chrome.  I use it a lot of the time. I did recently start using the torch browser though because it's almost exactly like chrome but with built in downloading capabilities.

Chrome because its fast, secure and so compatabile

I primarily use chrome, just because it's what I'm used to, my school has started using it as the primary browser, I am a gmail user anyway so it intergrates well with that, but the familiarity is what does it for me. I also have firefox downloaded so i can watch NHL streams on the NHL website, and clear my cookies quickly every time the 'trial' ends. (they show VERY little NHL in Australia, but i watched some of the broadcasted stanley cup matches at my girlfriend's)

Opera 12.15 is my favorite.. the rendering is the most precise.. if a site looks good in Chrome or Firefox there are chances it will not look exactly the same in the other.. if a site looks good in Opera it will look exactly the same in wathever browser.. the quickoptions with F12, the tab grouping, all the integrated stuff.. being using it since 3.62 in win95, first to use tabs, first to have decent cookie/temporary files management...
sadly it is becoming old and with the recent decision of Opera to move to a Chromium based browser I think Opera is dead for me, next thing I like the most is Firefox, I really hated it for a bunch of versions it was really slow, but from 17 onwards I'm using it again and I have to say nothing beats all the extensions and the performance is right.. plus right now seeing how chrome's webkit/blink is taking over the internet I don't feel comfortable using chrome anymore.. I have already come to cases in which sites don't render well in anything but Chrome which is sad as hell.. is like going backwards and returning to the IE-centric days.

Chrome, just because it's simple and doesn't take that much space on my screen

Chrome for the all the bookmarks/history on multiple comps/phones ect.


Firefox for backup and for web development.

Firefox primarily for me. I make use of Chrome as well because I tend to have less issues in Chrome with purchasing. This isnt an issue with Firefox per se but how secure I have it with addons. I use Firefox for all regular browsing so that my browsing is not redirected between domains.

I use Opera as my main browser because of the speed it loads/renders pages (way faster than chrome) and the UI and shortcuts, on-demand plugins is amazing. I use Chrome for sites that Opera has issues with and sometimes youtube when I'm not in the mood for the extra click to load videos (is there a way to disable on-demand plugin option for specific sites or with a press of a button in Opera?).