What is Your Favorite Android Browser

There are many browser available for the android platform, such as Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, And Opera.

Which browser do you use, and what features make you prefer it over the others?

My favorite browser is currently Dolphin, because of its great loading speed, Adobe Flash support, Good HTML5, and it can sync with both Chrome and Firefox on my PC.

However, There are some downsides to this browser. Dolphin uses a large amount of RAM on my phone, and crashes if I have just a few tasks running, or a large amount of tabs open. but over all, its a really good browser.


So post your favorite browser below!!!


Thanks for participating!

chrome for speed and firefox for flash.

Chrome. Because it just works and works really well. 

Chrome beta, it's basically chrome with the new, unstable features.

Opera Mini for me because I just love the interface so much and having the last four or five pages cached so going back a page is instantaneous is so nice

I've been using "Next Browser" for a couple of months and I think I'm sticking with it. It's faster than Chrome on my Tegra 3 -based LG phone and has for the most part been working really well with complex websites. I think it's worth trying.

I hate being limited by RAM as it really shows when a phones storage is so slow. It feels similar to using a PC in the 90's. ;-) So I'm not getting a new one until there are some 64bit phones with 4GB RAM out there. Samsung's S5 with 2GB is just silly, especially as they already had some with 3GB out since last year.