What is your experience with acer laptops?

Hey guys, I'm going to buy a new laptop for school/small gaming, but I'm not quite sure what to get, 



I found these two, the price is the same, but how is the quality on the Acer Aspire series? Asus seem to have quite the reputation when it comes to quality, so i would like you to share your experience with Acer laptops, do they last?

I've had great experience with Acer, actually my first laptop I purchased was an Acer laptop.

I drop many times never died :D

In this case, I would go with the Asus laptop however.. due to the AMD 5750m being a newer processor.

Also like you said, Asus has great build quality as well.

I went with the Asus laptop, It should be send to me this afternoon :)

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