What is wrong with my pc?

after a long time i have finally went out and built my own gaming pc. i spent about $300 on an AMD A6-5400K build. i put it all together and started up my pc. I installed linux as i dont have any money for windows. But then when it was all installed and my screen started having some wierd problems, ill get random pixel errors, some stuff just dissapears completely and random lines appear and the screen flashes. Im pretty sure its my motherboard the MSI FM2-A55M-E33 but i cant update anything because NOBODY makes anything for linux. i cant update the drivers of anything i have, i cant get wireless internet so i had to wheel my whole desk into another room to hook it up and type this, the reason i cant get wireless internet is because i have to use a USB wireless internet thing and i cant install a driver for that. i cant install minecraft or steam or anything. so far my whole experience would be a -500,000/10 on pc becuase i cant do anything at all! i also get random errors with the sound (idk why) where it just glitches out my headphones for 3 seconds.i really want to fix this so i can join the pc community but you really cant when you cant even use the pc that you saved up for years for and cant get any more money. does anybody know how to fix it besides just get windows becuase that cant be an option as i wont have enough money for it for about a year. i just want to fix this and play some games.

Well you need someone with a lot of knowledge of linux so i will have to try and get brennan to help you out.

Also, Zoltan knows way more about Linux than I do, but I can manage.

What distro?

Well i haven't seen him around lately.

Neither have I...

Honestly....go buy windows 7 Home Premium for 80 bucks.

EDIT: You can't save more than 80$ in a year?

Linux is the better option; it's open, it's always improving, and it's growing. Give in, man, Linux is the future.

I agree, but not in this mans situation. Even though it is free, the amount of time he spends trying to get his rig working he could mow 4 peoples yards and have a working machine.  He came into the market using a "3rd party" (i dont know how else to describe it) OS, with absolutely no experience in either platform. What in your mind do you think would be easier for him.  We WANT PC gamers, we don't want to turn them away.

list exact hardware... make/model of everything.. 

your motherboard has linux support.. i see everything working on openelec xbmc.. so we at least we know that this hardware can run as a media center under a linux kernel(meaning the hardware works in linux or any distro when config'd). as far as your usb wifi/internet thing... some info via dmesg would be great... even if it did work you'll probably have to route your adapter/interface. the sound can simply be a buffer issue.. the fact that it works at all is good. ;] there is different sound systems you can use..

what distro??? 

anything with the 3.4 kernel or later should be sweet as with trinity apu's.. make sure you grab the lastest amd linux drivers as well. http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx

ditch the wireless all together man and grab some home plugs for a wired connection.