What is wrong with my motherboard

 i already tested all my parts and the only thing that is causing problems is my motherboard.

Pc will not boot if i have battery in my motherboard. No matter what battery it is it just does not work.,
It only works with 1gb of ram even tho mobo supports 8gb.,
It only works with TakeMS ram even tho it worked with kingston before , 
The heatsinks get up to 70C at idle,
Sometimes mobo overvolts cpu and i get a BSOD ,
It does not recognize my ATA drive , 

Why is this happening i did not even overclock that much with it.

Right now i have a new PC and i don't know what to do with this one. I have no use for it.
The PC sometimes works the entire day without crashing 

Full specs:

Intel c2d e4600,
4gb ddr2 800mhz (only 1 used),
GeForce 8600 GT,
400W psu ,

You failed to mention what board it is.

Are there any obvious signs of damage such as blown capacitors?

asus p5b 

nope i checked 


A new one would be ~70$ :/ that's a lot .

This points to (maybe) your actual pcb overheating , causing flex and making bad contacts ( would explain why it randomly bsod's ) try cooling those vrm's with a fan ,


Try looking at the BSOD crash reports , compare them to others online .

If not , then you can upgrade your mobo , cpu , ram for 200$ but I immagine that's a lot :(

bsod crash reports say that the cpu is overvolting. And the mobo is 6 years old. Anyway it has been working 5h straight for now but I still cant put more ram in. I didn't know its worth $60 actually. 

Personally I would try defaulting the bios and seeing if it stabilizes at all. Cleaning out your box, reseating the cpu and retest. If that fails a cmos reset (factory). 

Anything you've changed or attempted would be good to know. But I would definitely default your bios and reseat your cpu. http://classroom.synonym.com/reset-bios-asus-p5b-deluxe-8816.html <- that is a pretty good step by step on the cmos. 

Hope this helps.

i think i already told but i can't put my battery in mobo. It won't start. So my bios is restarting every time i turn off my PC. 

I know how to restart the bios.  

dude. just return it or get a new one.

Board is dying probably...

Time to get a new system lol