What is this RAM fan good for?


Whats the ram fan good for? here: http://www.komplett.no/corsair-dominator-gt-ddr3-2000mhz-12gb/614162 

as far as i know ram doesnt need a fan and this would just create noise id think. please tell if you know what its good for. :L




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I have Asus Crosshair v formula z + 4x Corsair vengeance ram

and i bought a Be Quiet Dark rock 2 cpu cooler thinking i could use it vertical but apparently not as far as i found so far anyway.

so i can only fit 2 high profile ram in slot b1 and b2 so my questions is: 


1. Will it be okay to use 2 ram in slot b1+b2? in the mobo manual it says its "recommended" to use slot a2+b2 if you only have 2 ram but that doesnt fit. 

2. can i use 2 high profile ram in b1+b2 and 2 low profile ram in a1+a2? - both being corsair vengeance just half side got low profile ram

3. if the above doesnt work, is the only solution left to get 4x low profile ram? 


Please share everything you know around this. & tell me what solution you think is best. im trying to learn as much as possible :)

To utilise dual channel memory there should be a single slot between the two modules. So slots 1,2,3,4. You should populate either 1 + 3, or 2 + 4. You can use slots 3 + 4, but this would be slower than utilising dual channel. So low profile RAM would be a better solution.

if they are the same corsair vengance ram as far as capacity and speed just one high profile and one low you should be able to do what you were saying with the low profile ones by the cpu and the high profile ones away form it.  you just want to avoid mixing capacity and brand with ram.

can you try to explain what exactly dual channel means/is? 

It means that the bandwidth of the two modules can be accessed at the same time. With less latency/timing delays. So it will treat two modules of 4GB like an 8GB module, and not two separate modules being accessed one after the other.

i have to match these 3 things,am i correct? : : : :  latency 9-9-9-24, frequency 1600Hz, and name corsair vengeance

Yes, that's correct. You can mix RAM, but it is safer and more stable to keep RAM identical.

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It's not really good for anything. You can get waterblocks for RAM too, to include them in your watercooling loop. While you can overclock RAM, and while RAM does get hot - none of these things are totally necessary.

pretty much useless, though I see them a lot with ecc ram kits, maybe ecc ram gets hotter? but that's pure speculation and guessing on my part

To stick one of these on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPnNIGKVQzo


otherwise not much.