What is this build capable of?


I wanted to go with something considerably better, but less money mo' problems so my friend suggested this.  (you can take out the OS; my university offers a substantial discount).

Used for gaming, but I'm not sure how well it will perform on stuff like The Witcher 2 or new releases.

Feel free to suggest changes to the build, as long as they are focused on bang-for-buck and keeping the overall cost low.  Also, I'd like to have room to upgrade later (as in a 7950 gpu or 8350 cpu).

this is a nice build! Imo you should spend about $30 more on the CPU and go with the fx 6350. And instead of upgrading to a 7950 I would recommend getting a 7870 instead of the 7770 and going cross fire (which your motherboard supports). Unless your badly stuck for a monitor I'd recommend going with the 7870 instead.


What I would recommend!

Both should run witcher 2 very well!