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What is the word for leaving new hardware sitting around?

I am curious if anyone else is like me, and if there’s a word or description for this. Maybe in German. :slight_smile:

I’ve had some computer hardware delivered from Amazon and Newegg sitting around for almost a month now. There seems to be always some excuse to not install it. I don’t feel like it, I don’t have the time, I need the computer working, etc. I also think there’s a bit of fear of it failing and causing a long session of debugging and reverting back.

Anyone else end up doing this?

Lots, and not just with computer parts.

‘Lazy’ or ‘cautious’ comes to mind.

Note: I do not mean this in any insulting way.


You can send it to me, no problem… :rofl:

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If it’s hardware that wasn’t really needed it would be called GAS. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps, in German procrastination.


[1] Psychologie: krankhafte, zwanghafte Neigung zu erledigende, als unangenehm empfundene Dinge aufzuschieben; Aufschiebeverhalten, Prokrastination

[2] (schriftsprachlich) Aufschiebung, Aufschub, Rückstellung, Verschiebung, Vertagung, Verzögerung, Zurückstellung

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It could be as simple as overestimating your future time do apply to projects, which is a common fallacy adults make because holy fuck does time slip by faster than as a kid.

But the second bit seems to indicate that there is anxiety mixed into this, which leads to the obvious “gear acquisition syndrome” (buying things for stress relief) or other anxiety related disorders involved which can manifest as procrastination (which is a form of stress relief from having to plan, especially if you are perfectionist about the circumstances surrounding a project).

I can get into a cycle where I seemingly “punish” myself by not doing fun things, until ever other possible thing is done first. And of course there’s always more work to do first so I don’t properly stress relieve myself. One of a few things I need to watch out for. Another way it can manifest is:

  • “I want to do X”
  • “To have the most fun I need to optimize X by doing Y”
  • “And to optimize Y I should do Z”
  • “Fuck it I’ll watch anime or some shit”

@ noenken

Thank you, now at least I know the name of the affliction that is my addiction…

@ Log

The provided Root Cause Analysis is spot on. Even if a little too close to home for me to be comfortable with…

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Retailers and vendors love you.
By the time you open up your goodies to check if they are DOA you cannot return them and your warranty may have expired as well.

God dont make me think about how old the replacement servers we havent even deployed yet are.

It can’t be more than 3 months right…right?

I wish

In my experience with Dell/HP/Lenovo/Fujitsu servers the warranty period is usually 3 years…so…hope you deploy those bad boys soon.

Thanks everyone. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. :slight_smile:


Btw unless there are missing parts preventing you from doing so, you might want to do a quick assembly just to check everything works (before return window closes, which is usually 1 month in most cases).

But hopefully all good :slight_smile:



Yeah might get like 1.5 year of that by the time they put them in. I dont know why they wouldnt deploy them sooner but they are trying to tie it to a bigger upgrade project thus making it stupid. They also order hardware all at once rather then 1 set to do dev work on then order the live environment stuff when they are ready so we pretty much always lose at least 1 year.

Eh, reminds me of a machine I found in the store at work a few weeks back. Was bought as a rush order for reasons some time back.

I opened it up to check it out, specs as follows:

Dell Optiplex GX280
Pentium 4HT 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB SATA HDD, Windows XP.

Yeah, clearly was needed for that rush project.


I know what you mean Ive been so busy i just got the new security cameras put up ( after 2 months of them sitting on the shelf in my shop)
but i suppose my surgery and the birth of my granddaughter does take priority.
still finished up this morning and wifey is happy.