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What is the TRUTH Behind The ASRock 5700XT Taichi? | Level One Techs

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Am… below… your ‘regulars’, which are/should be in turn below your patrons; i therefore acknowledge myself how important my opinion may or may not be :slight_smile:

That said and with all due respect (it being the only reason i’m typing this)?
You’re not like most youtubers and that is a compliment.
So stay like that and don’t try to assimilate.

Words in caps, esp when it’s nouns like ‘TRUTH’? Not you. Don’t do that boss. Don’t go there.
To repeat, with all due respect, well meant, etc. etc.

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Oddly …agree with that :slight_smile: The regulars here mostly shun patron. Patron is for suck ups. You do have to fund what you do some how?

So ? Get a group of suck ups and go from there :)~

I do not get the creepy omitting vibe on this but some of the stuff here is not exactly honest.