What is the status with GFX Cards (In-Stock)?

Unless I missed something on some tech site/media Channel, where the hell are the newer cards?

3 weeks ago I sold my GTX960 FTW because I thought I was going to be going on a road trip with a very good friend, and have some side jobs along the way to make my money back....long story short I didn't go but still made my money back.

I've tried multiple times to purchase a 1060 that supposed to be in-stock on Newegg but alas another reason why I hate Newegg with a burning hate of evil hatred passion! Upon check out it says Sorry this SKU# doesn't exists!, and when I try to call them.....same thing that always happens....NO FKIN ANSWER

So in between $200-$280 what's the best card I can buy or should I keep holding out for more 1060 / 480's to be in stock?

Honestly if your looking for a 480 or a 1060. Your best bet is something like nowinstock.net.
Turn on the alarms and keep the window open.

Those things are selling out in minutes. So if you don't already have an account at 2 or 3 different sellers with your billing info on file. You'll be too late.

I missed 2 RX 480s(2 different sellers) back to back in the space of 30min because of outdated credit card info. Quite literally the time it took to put in my new card info they sold out.

Also don't expect to get the exact model hella fast. If you want it now take whatever model you get. If you want something specific expect to wait much longer.

This is exactly the reason why I was so ecstatic to find a gtx1080 not only that

but what I consider the best one on the market

when I went to the store and heard that they had multiple units I bought 2 of them

that is the exact reason I tossed it up on the buy sell trade here

in case someone wanted that same unit

but could not get one because a lot of online retailers will not have them in stock

if no one takes it off my hands here

I will just go and return it to the store in a week