What is the selling value of my gaming pc?

My computer is not for sale I was just wondering if I was to sell it to someone how much would be a fair price. The computer comes with no SSD or HDD (if that's a huge sell breaker let me know I can slap a cheap SSD in it) The computer is about 2 months old, with very few hours of gaming on it Im going to say less than 40. The computer has been very lightly used and has no issues whatsoever perfect running order. Actually going through a sudden divorce and was debating whether or not to sell it, now becoming a single dad and all.

I have an ASUS GVX75 laptop as well that maybe for sale, a price on that would be great as well. here is my build for the desktop.

Also I have a GTX 980 windforce gauntlet edition I could throw in to the PC instead of the 295x2 but i figured the 295x2 would increase the value of the comp.
Thank you all in advanced.

That link doesn't take you to the build. Also since it was lightly used you will probably get around ~90% of the retail price of the parts if you sell them separately. That method usually gives the best turn out.

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Ok I think I fixed the link and thank you for your feedback.

Yup link is working now, and you're welcome :)

I cant part it out, I don't have all of the packaging anymore, just for the bigger stuff like I don't have ram packaging or case packaging I have all the other boxes though.

ahhh kk. Btw, just a heads up, when you go to sell your stuff you need to post a picture of each individual item with your user name written on a slip of paper or something (as per forum rules) or the thread will locked.

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If you were to sell this as a custom build and it was completely new, back with at least 3 year warranty and tech support, You would get around $2365 for that build. There is an industry standard of around 35% to 40% markup on custom PCs. Of course nobody on these forums would pay that much for it, because we all know this and choose to build our own PCs.

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Whatever the retail value is -30% Unless you get lucky, or unlucky.

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thanks Jcat looking to ebay it to some rich kid with no motivation to build. lol I will just have to throw a new SSD in it with an OS the comp has very few hours on it, and no worries tech pals I have 2 back up gaming rigs :P Thank god the ex wife doesn't know the value of my stuff :D No tech support or warranty so price drop there