What is the safe thermal limit of an FX-8150?(would prefer an anwser from someone who has one)

I am asking cause i noticed my cpu is getting hotter than it used to,and i know from what i read that AMD say it is 61C,but i have had some people tell me that's wrong,so i need to know from someone who has one,cause in one of my games i am getting lag when it gets over 60c,and in a few other game it lags all the time,and these game did not use to lag.

If it helps i am running an [email protected] stock,with a hyper 212+ cooler,a 7970,my cpu got up to 69c,and my gpu got up to 63c.

Those temps are perfectly safe.

Then do you have any idea on what could causing my game to be laging for no reason.

those temps seem a good bit too high for stock clock under a hyper 212+

you probably need to give more info.

69c is way to high for an AMD processor, there max core temp is 62 or 65c i cant remember exactly which, but your overheating the hell out of that CPU, get it below 60c (preferrably 55) ASAP

What steps should i take to cool it down? 

Oh one that i think is part of the cause it that i live in texas,and it recently started getting really hot outside(90f and higher during the day),and i am living in my sister unfinished garage lol.

Well my case is a HAf 932 advanced(stock fan config),the game that lags when it gets over 60c is Driver San Francisco,the games that i lag all the time now are Mirrors Edge,Minecraft,and Diablo 3,and there may be more game that lag that i just don't know about,caus i have not played them recently.

If you need more info let me know,and tell me what info you need.

As an AMD user myself I read extensively on the Bulldozer and Vishera thermal limits before I went ahead with my current build.

In short, the consensus seems to be that the low sixties is the maximum before most of these CPUs will begin to throttle (which you experience as a slow down).

The temperatures you are reporting are much too high for a system with an aftermarket cooler at stock clocks. I would not expect your CPU to exceed 50 degrees with this cooler - even with that climate. I live in Australia an my overclocked FX-6300 does not reach 60 degrees even under Prime95 on days where it is 40 degrees celsius outside (that's over 100 degrees for you Americans) - and that is with a TX3 which is a worse cooler than the 212+ (though I do realise that the Bulldozer 8s generally run hotter than the Vishera 6s).

I would recommend re-seating your cooler, and before you do that go and look up some guides on how best to apply thermal paste when using a cooler with contact pipes like the 212+. While I usually recommend the pea method, with these earlier CM coolers the contact plate that sits on top of the CPU is not perfectly flat (air spaces in the ridges between the copper pipes and the rest of the plate), and as such you may need to be a bit more clinical about how the thermal paste is applied.

Also, how were you checking the temperatures?

i will try and reseat it as soon as i can find where my tube of thermal paste went to lol.

Also i was using CPUID HWMonitor to get my temps.

Ok i found out what was causing the overheating,i at somepoint used CPU OverDrive in my AMD video card drivers,and it had auto overclocked it to 4Ghz,and i had forgotten about lol i found out when i opened CPU-Z.

I do have one last question,is it normal for the temp to raise 15c(or more)with only a 400mhz overclock?(cause my temps are now running 54c-55c)

It can do, if too much voltage is being applied.