What is the Next/Last concert you are going/went to?

Like the title says! 

Last bands I saw live were Opeth and Katatonia, had a blast. I like both bands, but Opeth (a lot)more than Katatonia. Next one I am planning to go to is Wintersun which is going to be next month. Can't wait! They are playing with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Starkill, and Arsis(none of which I have heard before), but I don't care!

I personally don't go to many concerts, mostly because I don't get the time.

 So what aobut you guys?!

I saw Meshuggah with Intronaut and Animals As Leaders a few months ago. No one else interesting enough has been around my area lately. 

What a fucking awesome show that was though. Never gonna forget it.