What is the extra 4 pin power for?

Is the extra 4 pin power for CPU (circled in red) just for extra voltage for extreme OC? Or is it something that is necessary for regular operations for LGA 2011.

I am very new to the 2011 socket and at the moment just plugged 8 pin (circled in blue) and am doing fine with 4.6Ghz OC, so I just want to make sure what that 4 pin is for. The manual does not really say much about it besides it is a CPU power pin.

Most motherboards only use a single 4-pin CPU connector.  The 8-pin would technically reduce the likelihood that there's a system stability issue, but even then it's unlikely.  I'd still say use the 8-pin because why not.  Adding an extra 4-pin connector is something high end OC boards will do in case you're doing some extreme overclocking, but most people have zero use for it.  Which is often the case with a lot of the features on high end boards.


And thats a very nice mobo. whats the model no?

Rampage IV Black Edition

Thanks for the input.

I guess I did the right thing to start off anyway.

its just an optional 4 pin cpu power connector, probably for those people who want to go into extreme overclocking. you don´t have to use it, but, most psu´s now days have a  8pin cpu power connector, and optional 2x4pin. so you could use one of those 4 pins, if you like.