What Is The Cheepest 120/128GB SSD?

I just found out I will get about an extra $100 for my build as I sold my ipad mini for $350. I really want an SSD just because I don't want to deal with reinstalling windows later. What is the cheepest 120/128gb SSD? I know Logan recomends the OCZ drives but they are a bit more then others I have seen (by only about $20)


i wouldnt go for the cheapest, because they have a higher tendency of problems, also i depends on wether u want a SATA II or SATA III connection SATA III drives usually are a little more expensive so i would probly go with a SATA II for budget, also i would maybe wait till christmas when they go on sale next time, if u would have asked a few days ago u could have grabbed a newegg deal of a 120gb ssd for $50 but they are sold out now



u could look on Cyber Monday and see if any deals come up

Samsung 830's are dropping in price, Intel 330 is pretty cheap also. I wouldn't really recommend OCZ... Check out Plextor as well :)

I've enjoyed my Vertex 3 and 4 thus far! I had good luck with the intel 520 too

Can get agility 3's for like 60-80 bucks on sale from time to time. Just update the firmware, and its a perfectly good drive.