What is the cheapest option to enter Ryzen for me? (AM3 platform)

Current Setup
CPU - Phenom II 1090T x6
RAM - 10gb DDR3 at whatever MHz
HDD - 2 128gb SSDs in RAID 0
Video - MSI 280x 3gb i think
Windows 7 x64

1080p gaming is fine for me.

Looking into picking up this combo https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3581557

I do a little bit of gaming. I’m not too crazy. Nothing really new maybe some Battlefield 1. I’m going to be getting into some VM work in the future and will have to get more ram eventually and even upgrade the CPU. But right now I’m looking to get into the platform. My issues:
Running Windows 7 x64. I’ll need to upgrade to windows 10 I assume. I’m not trying to do a fresh install just yet. Not sure how I should go about doing it. I’m not looking to spend more than $400. Could bump $100 or so if it would be absolutely necessary.

Not a problem at all. There are several routes to work arround Win7 not knowing how to deal with the USB ports on Ryzen.
Several solutions:

  1. Anandtech has an article with some solutions: https://www.anandtech.com/show/11182/how-to-get-ryzen-working-on-windows-7-x64
  2. Or take the route I took: Integrate USB drivers into the ISO using something like NTLite, then install as usual.
  3. ASRock for example has a “Windows7 USB Patcher”, after installing Windows, run it and you are good to go.

Here ya go. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZvRkvV


Is the $400-$500 budget just for the cpu, mobo, and ram? Will you be using the same case and power supply?

That is the goal. I’m to the point that I need an entirely new setup but I really don’t feel like spending $1000+ dollars at the moment. I might try and pick up a new SSD for a fresh install. Is it just me or did RAM all of a sudden get really expensive?

I’m not sure if it’s worth dropping $150 to upgrade ram and cpu of my current system and ride it out another year. I’ve heard mixed things about power distribution on the 890fx chipset so I guess I would shoot for a 8320E for the cpu and try and get 2 8gb sticks for around $50. It’s just $150 is already half way to the cost of that combo.

your best bet is just hold off on any buys until we know if they are going to do a new line of boards for the zen+ that is coming out soon or will keep the same boards as ryzen. and yes DDR4 ram prices have gone crazy. overall this is the worst time to buy a system new things getting released plus high cost of ram = bad day for new builders. your 1090T might be a bit old but it still is usable and fairly strong. for now i would start your VM work with what you have and wait and see on ryzen and ryzen +. the FX line can give you 2 more cores but it is not worth it compared to what you stand to gain with ryzen 1700. ( dont take a hit when changing over not worth dropping below a 1600 on ryzen.)


This ^^

If you dont need to build a new machine right now, then you should avoid if possible. GPUs are mostly out of stock and always selling above MSRP. Ram is ridiculously inflated. Its just not worth it unless you absolutely must have a new machine. Even then your budget is going to be prohibitive. You might be better off looking into the used workstation market.

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It did, When I built my first system it was $60 for 8gb of team zeus, When I built my work machine it cost $55 for the same amount of G-skill sniper. Now, it’s outrageous because of a “shortage”

Indeed. You have the hyper-inflated RAM prices, Non-existent GPUs and when they do pop up they’re 3-4 times MSRP. And yeah it’s 6 months until computex when the companies usually release new stuff (we’re due for new stuff iirc… been out of the hardware loop since the pascal launch because that was a shitshow and a half).

Thanks for the tip. I’ll hold off for a bit maybe pick up a ebay 8gb special for additional ram.