What is the cheapest i can upgrade to x99 with 8gb of ram

Just looking at the cheapest way i could upgrade my i5 to a x99 platform. just would need a 5820k, motherboard, ram, and cooler. i stream and edit videos is the reason to upgrade and just want the best build i can get for the cheapest all i need is 8gb of ram, dont need the 8 ram dims. and i just want something to keep it cool while i use it, no prefrence in brand. I'm in the US. My current PSU is a cx600m

Logan recommended at least $1800 for build on the x99 platform ... I am sure you could spend less ... but you get what you pay for in the end.

and they said to get higher power high end PSU ... not to use your old one

  1. X99 mobo
  2. 2011-3 socket CPU
  3. 2011-3 socket CPU Cooler
  4. at least 8 gigs DDR4 2133 Mhz Ram
  5. at least an 850 watt Gold Cert PSU (or better)

sounds kinda pricey allready

DDR4 is incredibly expensive.  What's your budget?

I'm not getting a completely new build, I'm just wanting to upgrade my motherboard, processor and ram to x99 for productivity and streaming capabilities because the 6 cores and ddr4 would benefit me a great deal. and i would be getting a cpu cooler to go along with it as well because sadly i'm still using my stock one on my i5

enthusiast platforms are the antithesis of budget builds. that said, waiting for things to settle tends to yield a more reliable buy. lots of microcode on new chipsets. my asus h97 board is getting two updates/month. 5 total since i bought it. it's been about 30 days since the last one. i'd like to think x99 will smooth out by Christmas.

Well , asus x99 + 5820k + 16gb ddr4 2133 mhz is the cheapest combo .

If you can , get 8 gb 2133 mhz but there are none in the EU .

And that is a pretty low psu , depending on your gpu , about half of it will be dediated to the cpu ( ~230w ).

Your not going to notice much of a difference, you should wait until the prices come down to make it worth it.

If you only need 8 GB of RAM, you don't need an X99 for video editing.

An X99 system that is made to last costs at least 2500 USD.

X99 has a lot of problems for the moment, the platform is still very fresh, full of quirks and bugs in BIOSes, particularily things like load line calibration and stuff are not up to snuff yet, it will take a few more months.

Don't early buy an Asus board, Asus is known for the worst ever BIOS update support. Buy the Rev. 2.0 of the X99 board if you insist on going with Asus.

Productivity-wise he will notice a pretty big jump,most likely double the performance

+1 What I was going to say.

You can get an MSI board for about 210, the lowest end CPU is around 380, and then figure about 350 for RAM (its quad channel so 16gb is were you should be minimum or do not upgrade till you can)

So figure 950