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What is the cheapest and quickest way to get a CS degree


I already have an associates degree with a bunch of prerequisites. I have also now spent about 10 years in the IT field. I am now on the job hunt yet again, and I am so sick of my application being kicked because I don’t have a stupid piece of paper.

I am looking at getting in to an accredited online university. Get in. Get out. Go about my business. But I don’t know if that would fly with companies like amazon or google.

I wanted to get some feedback before I pull the trigger on what to do.


Have you looked at your local(ish) universities? In my area the state university system will accept just about all classes from the community colleges as transfer credit, so it’s rare to ever have to retake a class. Many universities are also offering more and more classes online.

That’s really my only insight since most people I know aren’t fans of many of those online-only universities, especially any for-profit universities. I’ve heard a few rants about how they are degree mills and really only exist to get the student’s money for as little effort as possible. I’m just one person though, so YMMV.


If you just want the piece of paper, go with a local community college, and take classes part time with work or if your finances allows be a full time student.

I took summer classes at the local community college, 70% of the class was working a job during the day.

The college wasn’t too picky with prerequisites, but schedule an appointment with a academic advisor so that they can set you up with the right classes and don’t end up wasting money on a class you already took


I’m going to penn state world campus.

It’s 100% online and the classes are asynchronous ; so you can do them on your time (but you do have deadlines). So it works out great for those who also have to work and go to school.

Same. You really need a Bachelors degree’s because Associates degrees are worthless besides something entry level.

So that’s what I’m doing, but a lot of my work friends are going to Western Governors University, as its apparently really cheap. Might be something to look into. I just chose PSU because they have one of the best online programs and are very accredited as a Uni.


I was looking at the western school. The ONLY issue I have is that it doesn’t have a computer science degree and that seems to be what most companies are looking for.