What is the biggest and best radiator that I can fit into a phantom 410 case?

I am going to liquid cool a system in an NZXT Phantom 410 case and wondering the best radiator that I can fit in that case.



With or Without modification?

On the case you mean?

A dual 120 rad will easily fit inside the case (I would go slim) and if you are handy with power tools and creative I see a few ways you could fit a tripple in it.

dremel out the optical bay and the bottum harddive bay and then I think you can have a 60-80mm thick radiator in push/pull and then a slim (30mm or 45mm thick) radiator in the top.. 

oh, and to answer your question I think the biggest you can fit in that case is a "alphacool nexXos monsta" rad, and I am very pleased with the one I have.. :)

but I think it would take quite some modding to fit something bigger than a 240/280mm rad in the top and then a pretty slim one..