What is the best wirlesss keyboard?

What is the best wireless keyboard in you opinion. I personally wanna make my own wireless keyboard. A ducky mini year of the horse edition. I am currently using the Logitech k400 plus and it's pretty good. I wouldn't use it for mainly typing. But it is good for searching for stuff on the tv. And it is good for surfing or being productive while in different spaces or just lounging. But not typing. There really need to be more wireless mechanical keyboards on the market.

Well you are off to a good start with your idea. I have never had a wireless board but I hear good things about the Varmillo VB87 family of boards. There is also the spendy HHKB BT. The Anna PRO is also getting a lot of attention lately, cheaper, RGB, Wireless, 60% and all controllable from a mobile app. Though I hear the battery is a little short on the Anna but you are allrrady thinking hands on so replacing the battery with a larger one could be a option.

For the hands on approach, well anything with enough room ensure to stuff a battery and BT circuit will work asking as you can breakout the USB or some nicer boards have the extra controller pins all ready broke out for this.

Might as well just buy a laptop lithium battery pack for a i pad. And hook it up to a arduino or a usb transmitter if possible. I do not know how I will be able to make the usb to usb connection work. unless their is a usb broadcast and usb receiver. Sorry I am not usb savvy. Reason why I say the Ducky year of the Horse edition would be perfect for a wirless keyboard is because everything can be macroed. And you can control the mouse with the keycaps.

Ah in that case there are quite a few keyboards that are re-programmable and even some that can be upgraded for the functionality. Stuff like the Pok3r is programmable out of the box and the likes of the CM Storm Quickfire can have their controller swapped out to make them fully programmable.

There is so much more information on everything from simple baord to complete hand built customs here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/

That's pretty useful. I will look into it.

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