What is the best way to set up my VPS for NextCloud and a .Net Core app?

Hey everyone,

I've currently got a Digital Ocean VPS running OwnCloud using docker containers using this guide. It also hosts the back end for my website, which I'm replacing.

I want to change the server to run NextCloud and a .Net Core website with a Postgres database. I was thinking about running those in Docker images (NextCloud, Dotnet Core, and Postgres), with another image for Nginx to route traffic and do some sub-domains. Docker-compose seems to be the logical choice for starting and stopping the containers.

The other option is installing and configuring everything manually on a bare Ubuntu server.

Is there another option? I saw @wendell's recent video with cPanel, but I don't think that is an option here.

I really want to keep everything on Digital Ocean because they have an awesome UI for managing the server, cheap backup, and a datacenter in Toronto. Sorry, don't really want my data in the US where the NSA can get their hands on it :P

Made this if it helps

That looks good to me.

Your data isn't safe in Canada either. Also, if you live in the USA, Obama, before leaving office, signed something that essentially said the the NSA, which already collects all internationally routed data, can share all that data with other agencies without a warrant. So, at this point, international may not be your best option.