What is the best videogame tutorial?

It's a simple question...
I have come up with 3 different types of tutorials...
Portal, that is like 90% tutorial of different mechanics and stuff,
Skyrim, where the tutorial is intertwine with the story to the point where you may even be thinking, that you are completing a quest but you just play the tutorial,
Dark Souls, where the game teaches you without telling you anything what so ever and expects from you to properly catch the subtleties of each tutorial encounter, room, corridor, enemy, etc etc...
So what are some other examples of great videogame tutorials, that are either really well made, or really awful?

One game that comes to mind for a good tutorial is the intro stage to Megaman X, which is FUCKING GENIUS! It teaches the player how to play the game without telling them how. You will be pitted in scenarios where you have to use the games mechanics like climbing up walls for example. It also sets up the game's theme. I'm on mobile right now, but if you like, I can give a more detailed explanation why MMX has a great tutorial.

Please do. I want to start a series of videos about videogame design. But my limited gaming experience is kinda doing me no good here.
Later on when I get into more detailed stuff, like difficulty in games or Dark Souls battle system, I will be fine, but I want to start with the more general stuff like tutorials and world design and story introduction etc...

I think the best tutorial in a game is in Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

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Hm, i have a code for that... Will look it up.
But why? What does it do better than the others?

Came here to say this, it was pretty funny too.

I Think Bioshock has my favorite tutorial.

Intertwines the gameplay and story with the tutorial in its opener, showing you how to use the plasmids and whatnot. and what to watch out for with the big daddy early on smashing a dudes face through bulletproof glass.

overall well put together

I'd recommend watching the whole video as it gives you an idea on how devs try to teach the player on how their game works during the early days of video games. If you do not have the time for it, watch at 6:43 and end at 15:43...you know what just watch the entire video. I feel you will learn something from it.

I'll think of other games that I played or know that have great tutorials.

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Leaving aside the fact, that he is over acting a lot, this guy is basically making my points about the Dark Souls tutorial. It's the same thing. They show you things, that will happen in the game without beating you on the head with it.

Another game I would say has a good tutorial similar to Megaman X is Cave Story. In the First Cave (first level), it was design to make use of all the controls the game has. It is simple like Megaman in that you can move around, jump, and shoot.

This is the Start Point, or the first room you begin in the game. There is a door on the top and water on the bottom. You can only get up to the door by jumping. If you go to the water, a number 100 will appear on the center and steadily will go down to 0. This will clue you in that you should not stay in water until it hits zero. You also have that heart box and the red floppy disk on the right. With the movement buttons, you find out you can interact with them by pressing down. That would also mean that opening that door on top requires pressing the down button in order to interact with it.

Now you enter the second room, or the First Cave. If you look at the right of the map, you will find out that the area is blocked by these star blocks and you cannot do anything about them yet. Your only option is to move through the left. You dodge through some enemies and spikes that can damage you if you touch them. At the farthest left of the map, you will find a capsule with a heart embedded on it to raise your max HP, giving you the idea that there is more like it in the game if you look around. Plus it gives you enough HP to survive hitting one of those spikes that would otherwise kill you in one hit. You continue onward until you enter a room with a chest, which contains a weapon. Now with a weapon in hand, you can try shooting the enemies and see if you can destroy those blocks stopping your path.

As you kill the enemies heading back, they will typically drop these yellow triangles that bounce around. When you collect them, a yellow bar below your HP will increase. This is your weapon's experience. When you collect enough yellow triangles, or Energy Crystals, to fill up the bar, your weapon levels up. You will notice the increased performance of your weapon as it can shoot farther, hits harder, and even has a visual change notifying the change in performance. That being said, you can lose experience of your weapon by mainly taking damage.You can lose enough experience to the point where you level down a weapon, thereby decreasing its performance. Not only does getting hit lead you closer to death, but it also weakens your offensive capabilities so dodging attacks is of upmost importance.

Now once you reach the top right of the map and use your weapon to destory the blocks and the evil door, you are out of the First Cave and you already know all of the game's mechanics without the game telling you.

Another thing I will say is the first boss you encounter. You are given a choice if you want to opt in or not, giving the player a choicer if they feel comfortable dealing with a stronger enemy immediately or not.

The game is free by the way so you can download it and try it out for yourself. Better for you to experience what I'm talking about that way. LINK

Basically, I like games that can explain its mechanics via gameplay and however I understand it will not work for every game. Some games require an explicit explanation on its complex mechanics. I also like games that respect the player's intelligence and doesn't belittle them or treat like a child in certain games like Megaman X7 or Skyward Sword. I'll be sure to find games that have fun tutorials or teach the player in different ways and how it works or doesn't work for said game.

This is why Portal is something like 90% tutorial... This is why in Skyrim for example, you have a companion, that is telling you what you can do and what it will achieve, and they both disguise it as story, but it's just mechanical tutorial, explained by the game in an unintrusive way.
Will check out the cave... Have heard both good things and bad things about the game.

The game is free so there is no reason to not try it out other than time. I find it to be a fantastic game. Of course there are some flaws but that is like every game however I would say the pros outweigh the cons.

Bad thing about it is, that it's story based, and I don't care about video game story... I mean as far as they drive the gameplay is OK, but other than that, I am yet to go and complete the main quest line in skyrim...
Anyways I had another game in mind and I forgot about it...
I have to start making the video now... Need to capture some footage and script and stuff...
Oh yeah, also need to play some games as a frame of reference...
PS: oh yeah, the game was the first level of Super Mario.. But I can't really capture footage for that, because Nintendo will copyright claim the funk out of me...

Cave Story is not a story intensive game by any stretch of the imagination. While the story adds to the charm of the game and has some dark points, you don't need to focus on it nor is it something to invest on. The game could still stand on its own without it like Duke Nukem 3D could still stand on its own without Duke's personality. Those things, when done well, add more to an already good game and makes it special for some people.

So what made you want to try this out anyway? Also, shouldn't you be going to bed now?

Try what out?

I am in the bed... Being unable to fall asleep...

You said you were thinking about making videos on game design executed in various games. Where did you get the influence to try and pursue it?

My personal interest in game design... Also I have a really unsuccessful YouTube channel, that I need some original content in order to grow and make it a viable thing...
So why the hell not...
It will be fun, I'll play some games, I haven't played before, like the cave and previously recommended blood dragon...
Doing the research will also educate me in game design. I am making a game, a tiny one, that I really need to move on with, cause I have stopped any work on...
So yeah... It's both personal interest and a need for YouTube content...

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All Bethesda games are bad at tutorials.

Although I'd have to say portal.

The best tutorial is no tutorial.

Make the player suffer and develop their own way of playing the game!