What is the best ssd?

things i am looking for in a ssd.

long lasting.

keeps its speed.

good value for money.

can work with amd.

can be in raid 0 with 2 ssd.

Unless you get a SLC "Solution", you're going to be dealing with standard MLC or eMLC flash, which degrades in performance, but (Correct me if i'm wrong) doesn't degrade by sitting idle, and still has immensely stable performance for the average user.

As far as MLC goes, I sorted PCPartPicker for value and this turned up. PNY.


For speed, the plextor PCI ssd's are great. Not the fasted PCI ssd's you can buy, but a good balance, since they get a lot more expencive on the high end. Tek Syndicate even did a vid on 'em.


For sheer volume, this is the cheapest 512gb SSD currently, and also a Crucial.


Finally, an all around good ssd, with it's downside being that it uses TLC flash that doesn't last as long as MLC, but still, it's a dang long time for the average user. Samsung 250gb.


Hopefully I helped. If you want something that REALLY keeps it's speed near 100% through millions of writes, SLC flash is what you want, however it's a lot more expencive, and a ton less common.

i want slc ssd. where do i buy it.

What are you using it for?

for windows 7

That's not nearly enough to justify SLC, so I chose high quality MLC, assuming you still have important work/things to save. Remember that in raid 0, if 1 drive fails you lose your data. Things besides drive reliability can cause it to fail (EX: Power surge/ Comp hit by lightning).

  Since intel is known for making reliable SSD's I chose this SSD based on it's solid performance, and general high quality MLC flash. Which while slightly more expencive, it is very reliable MLC, and can be used in raid 0.


 I believe this is what you need, unless you need more space, in which case you can choose the 240gb variant.

HOWEVER, if you insist on SLC, and it's just that vital....


That's it. Hope I helped.


thank you for your help.