What is the best reliable NVME brand?

I’m thinking of upgrading the storage as well as the RAM on my Thinkpad but I would love to buy a good brand that can last me years even under hard usage and circumstances. Which brand is the best and has the least failure rate? The one I currently have installed is the Lenovo Nvme PCI-E but I’m not sure who made these.

the ram is currently 16 gb and I’m upgrading to 32 gb just because I want to do all the upgrades one time.


Just look at the warranty
I prefer Samsung drives generally, honestly they are all about the same. If you are overly concerned just look at the warranty.




In no particular order. Lol

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just buy something rated correctly for the application you plan to use it for…


If you really want reliability, you might want to look at Enterprise nvme SSDs.

However, personally I’d either go with Samsung or one of the many Phison controllers.

I prefer the Samsung brand, I have a really old Kingston, GEN1 unit still working,

I use this only for some testing however so it doesn’t get used very much now.