What is the best place to learn HTML

Im want to make a website and im wondering what is the best place to learn HTML.

In terms of just starting off and learning the basics, in my opinion books are your best bet. Online tutorials are good too but be careful because I've found that in a lot of them the teacher doesn't use best practices which in turn impacts you negatively since you're not learning best practices. Also stay away from w3shools, that's a bad place. Never go there... ever.

HAH i use w3schools as reference all the time. google is your friend.

Make a website.

i was just looking at w3schools and it is great

yeah w3schools has a ton of great references, as well as other examples. Start simple, maybe set a goal like creating a basic form for input data, add some css, add some jquery/javascript. HTML5 is looking pretty cool. Once you get to that point maybe start looking into a scripting language like php and getting into more complicated things or just continuing with raw HTML and seeing what kinds of things you can do, break things. In terms of the best place to learn HTML, i would find a current tutorial that is not outdated, you could spend some money on books if you wanted to have a greater wealth of information in one place, it would save you time from fishing around on the web.


I rest my case. The footer of the W3Schools website alone should be enough to make you skeptical.

If you are looking for courses then you definitely need to look at codecademy, udacity, codeschool and treehouse. I have taken the codecademy web fundamentals course and I can say it diffidently gives you a  understanding of how to code a basic website, remember research is your friend and so is google. If you go codecademy they have a great community so you can ask questions and learn from experiences developers .


Btw codecademy is totally free.

I actually use w3schools a lot as a reference site for JavaScript and CSS so I wouldn't throw that away to fast, sure, it's late on updating it's pages and all that, but I've learned to code both JavaScript, PHP and HTML5 mostly through w3schools, that said you should definitely widen your scope and read through more resources, I myself are somewhat old-school, so I tend to keep a healthy library of books on the subject as well.

I'm taking a web design class in my Highschool, I don't know if this can apply to you.