What is the best Mobo to go with this build

I want the mobo to be able to run crossfire so in the future i can crossfire my video cards. 

Thats really all i want i dont know much about motherboards so. thanks


If you want to run crossfire on AMD AM3+ platforms, you should get a mid tower case.  Here's what I got:


Thanks and one more question How reliable is powercoler. Ive seen some cheep video cards and im kind of scared of them should i ?

It depends on the card itself and the cooler.  I don't usually like Powercolor's single fan coolers, but their PC2+ and other dual fan coolers are good.

Just check reviews on newegg or similar places and make sure people aren't getting crappy temps or DOAs

You should be looking at the 990FX based boards for a crossfire setup. 99X based boards run the gpus at 8x/8x and the 990fx run them at the full speeds of 16x/16x. You won't be seeing a huge performance loss by going with the 99x boards.Couple of FPS,thereabouts

Is there anything cheeper. Like for 80 bucks? other wise i can save up a little more 

I don't think you can find a 990fx board at that price. Better you save up for a bit. I think it'll cost you $130,at the least.

Would this be good http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1515834

Ok I want this thing now so im wondering what I should do

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2FRgM That and this are what i have considered 


With the newegg combo is that motherboard crossfirex compatible?

That newegg bundle is terrible.

The budget is small, and that motherboard is of cheap quality.  4+1 power phase design.  Of course, the nicer motherboards are more expensive, which shoots you out of your budget.

At this budget, I think the FM2 platform is better.


how dis look 



dat luks gud.

Pretty well balanced, and pretty good for the money.

Updated build looks well balanced.But you do realize that you can't crossfire on this machine,right? Or rather,you can,but we would advise against it.