What is the best GTX 670?

Hello, I was wondering which is the best GTX 670 on the market. I am currently building a gaming rig but can't seem to find the best one on the market, and i will be using this for gaming just about the whole time.

Thanks :)

In my opinion, the ASUS GTX670-DC2-4GD5. 4gb. You can't go wrong. It is pricey though...

  i agree with downing007 about the asus gtx670 dc2 . you could probably save some money and get the 2gb version, which is the one that i've got .almost all games run on maxed out settings with it. i love how incredibly quiet it is ,especially compared to the reference design zotac (crap) i had before.

with some customizing (rough bending and cutting) i even managed to fit the asus into my tiny mini-itx case :) . love my shoebox sized turbo-pc