What is the best cpu cooler under 100 to overclocking the i5-2500k to 5ghz?

Phanteks PH-TC14PE


It comes in different colors, and (from what I've seen in a couple reviews) it performs slightly better than the Noctua NH-D14. It's also a lot prettier in my personal opinion.

cooler Master V6 GT

eh, the one vortex posted is much better, and he's more of a expert on it than I am

you could go with a sub 100 watercooling system. ebay or something.

I'd grab a Corsair H100 and a couple extra fans... set up a push pull configuration on it and it will be nice and cool... for the fans, my favorite company is uaually http://www.gelidsolutions.com/.

Gelid does make some really nice case fans, but I think the corsair stock fans might actually outperform a lot of the Gelid fans. I'm not sure if they make fans that have high static pressure or not, but I've been doing a little research on fans and static pressure lately, and it seems like the stock corsair fans are the best unless you're planning to get Ultra Kazes or Deltas or something ridiculous like that.

i have heard amazing things about the h100. if you want air cooling, look at the frio's. the performance is good on them, they look nice, and they sit nice and low. in hind sight, i should have gotten a frio instead of my coolermaster v8

I have 2 ultra kaze fans in push/pull on my hyper 212 evo, and it keeps my cpu nice and chill. lmao. Even while overclocking my fx-8150 to over 5Ghz. and those bastards run hot.

yeah, ultra kaze has 2000 rmp and 3000 rmp varieties.... idk what the static presure / cfm difference is, but i heard they are very good for radiator fans. just a warning though, if you want a quiet computer.... stay away from the 3000 rmp. 45.90 dBA per fan, ouch.

I have a 2500k with h60 and scythe the 110cfm more than happy with  @ 4.8ghz.



I'm not all that impressed with the H100, tbh. I'm probably using the wrong fans though because I threw some Cooler Master Sickleflows in push/pull on it.

If anyone does replace the stock fans on the H100, then definitely go with Corsair's new SP120 line. They seem to be the closest to the stock fans performance wise and they're quieter.

If you're looking at H100's though, it'd probably just be better to get an XSPC Rasa Kit.


So if the fans are facing the same direction isn't that a push push?

A push/pull configuration is when you have a fan on one side of the heatsink or radiator and another fan on the other side both moving air in the same direction. One fan pushes air through, and the other pulls air through.

In my case, I have four fans on my H100 all moving air in the same direction.


Oh I get it now. I feel stupid

Does anyone have any recommendations for an aftermarket cooler that is better than my stock cooler on my QX6700? And one that is also not so damn loud?

Wait for this beast to be released ;)



Depends on your budget.


For under $100 I'd recommend a Corsair H80 (which can be had for about $85 After Rebate), also I just wasn't sure if you were aware or not that your chip may not be able to hit 5ghz. There is no garuntee that it will even be able to hit 4.5ghz (most likely it will unless it's a dog of a chip. I would go for a push/pull config although the temps will only be a couple degrees celsius different (1-3).

If you're just looking to hit 5ghz just to say you have it that's fine, but if you want it to actually be stable I'd recommend running 12 hours of Prime 95. Another forum that I'm a part of usually will consider that stable, it's just a stress test that works your processor hard (100%). I have a 2600k that's been stable 4.5 @ 1.27v and 4.7 @ 1.33.

Also if you like a quiet rig I'd highly recommend getting some Gentle Typhoon AP-15's they're pretty popular but also pretty expensive (~$15 each) or get some Yate Loon high speed fans from Sidewinder (Yate Loons are made by many different companies and their quality REALLY depends on where you buy them from, I have got them from where I linked). With fans Static Pressure > CFM when you're watercooling (such as H100 or Custom Loops).

Best of luck on your overclocking adventure, have fun!

With a bit of hunting and luck you can ever get the H100 for under $100

Just never do the same mistake as me and get the H40. *Achivement get: Wasted Money*