What is the best card for 175?

For some reason in February cheaper cards have raised in price. So this is not a 175 dollar card after rebate i want a 175 dollar base priced card. I was looking at a 660 or a 7870 preferably. Here is the build that my card is going with, Also i only want to use amazon or newegg. If any card goes on sale please remind me asap because i want to put in the order asap. Thank you http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2Nruw

it's not really the cause of the month that cards have risen in price. you're out of luck right now. Nvidia cards aren't cheap to begin with and AMD Cards as of right now have Skyrocketed in Price due to the rise of Crypto-Currency Mining. Even the 7000 series cards by AMD have Skyrocketed in Price. people that mine have been buying AMD Cards by the Truckloads.  the best card you could of gotten was a R9-270 and that card used to be I believe was 180 dollars. however an R9-270 is about 200 dollars right now. plus or minus depending where you get it from if it's ASUS or GIGABYTE card. However you can probably still grab a 660 for $190 I believe right now




I bet we could help you even more if you could answer a few questions, thanks.

What games do you play mainly, or what software do you intend to use it for?

How many amps does your PSU support?

Do you overclock? If not, would you consider it?

Do you have any color or design (cant guarantee we can help) preferences?

Case GPU space?

Preference between AMD or Nvidia? Or do you not care?

Reference vs Non Reference?

You dont have to answer all, or even any, but it would be easier to find the card that is "best" for you if you answer some of these, as there is no clear "best card for everyone" as everyone uses their pc differently



I mainly play league of legands but i would love to start playing civ 5 and battlefield 4, And keep up if new games come in the future. I do not overclock, and then the rest of the stuff i do not know cause i dont know much about computers, I dont care if its amd or nvidia. 

7870 is $180, and has a $30 rebate:



The best card I could find with good ratings is this XFX HD 7850