What is the best backlit keyboard with dedicated media keys?

I am trying to decide what keyboard to get when i can afford to upgrade.

I am looking for one that is backlit,cause sometime i am on my pc with the room lights off,and i don't want to have to lean really close just to see what i am typing,i want the dedicated media keys cause some times i will have music play in WMP while playing a game and i would like to be able quickly pause it when i get to a cutsence and start it back up after with out having to ALT-TAB out to do it.

Also when i do get it i can spend $100 mabye $125 but that is pushing it.

If you don't want to get a new KB just use autohotkeys.

I do want to get a new one,cause right now i have a Razer Arctosa(which has media keys,but is not backlit) and i have been having problems with it,every so often a key will stick,and it gets annoying lol,but right now i don't have the money but i am trying to save up so i can get a new keyboard.

I just got the Corsair K90 and the media keys are great. I would highly suggest it because it has backlit media keys like you want.

You should try the 'shine' line of mechanical by Ducky; They come in White, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow/Orangeish, and Red


sorry but not only does it not have dedicated media keys but it is way out of my price range.

Ehh Red Switches and not plate mounted either, I love corsair but their peripherals always leave something to be desired. 

As far as good rubberdome with media keys, pretty much just go digging through logitech's product library it's all decent and you'll find something you like.