What is the best AM3+ motherboard for overclocking

Money is no object (within reason) the only requirements are that the board must still be in production, and it must fit in a ATX case

Probably the Asrock extreme9. 12+2

^out of production.

Out of production? You can get it right on newegg.



Huh. Perhaps i'm going crazy. Thanks.

But if money is no object, then 1. why not go straight to 2011 and 2. why not go straight for the Asus Crosshair V? Either of those would be worthwhile, I am sure.

I already have a AM3+ CPU.

Well, if I were you, I would look into the Fatal1ty, the Asrock extreme9, the Asus Crosshair V, and the Asus Sabertooth.

I would say one of the ROG boards from asus

ROG boards are overpriced. You are paying for the name.

I'd go with the ASrock Extreme9 or the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5.

Both are a great choise.

1 Asus  Crosshair 8+2 power phase digi vrm.

2 Asrock Extreme 9 12+2 power phase

3. Asus Sabbertooth 8+2 power phase digi vrm

4 Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 <-- only 6+2 power phase with digi vrm, but it oc great..

If i look at the price diffrences in the Netherlands, the  Asus ROG is the most expensive one, but isnt much more expensive then the sabbertooth gen 3 or the Extreme 9 the rog is about 206 euro atm, the rog would probably the best overclocker on the amd platform. cause the bios of this board and theire high quality digi vrms´s gives you the most options to do it.

Asus sabertooth 990fx rocks

Have one in my current machine.

Does 4.8ghz on an FX-8350 easy, the only thing stopping me from cranking it up any further is I like to stay below the recommended max temps (an extra safety margin to the manufacturers safety margin).