What is the best abomination you have ever created?

So I created a monster, I call them the Leias as they add growths to the side of your head.

They sound as amazing and are as comfortable as dumb as they look. 10/10 I just need a bigger amp now...

What stupid crap have you created?

How about a cardboard projector?


I've made so many mutant abominations. Soon as I get home I'm going to pic dump em on here lol.

Oh man, I need to find pics of my ghetto AC unit.

my suitcase

my testbench that became the suitcase


I bet if you wrapped those in some brown yarn they'd sell like free skittles on Etsy right now.

I don't have any pictures to contribute at the moment, but I'll see if I can dig some up. This would be a fun thread to see grow.

Why was this flagged?

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dont ask

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ok, old thread, thanks to whoever did not read the date...