What is so amazing about Seasonic power supplies?

Hello forum. Before I start, I just want to mention I have no biased on this subject and that the question is entirely genuine, i'm just asking why people seem to love them so much. I've always used Corsair power supplies and had great luck with them, however, a lot of people have addressed Seasonic power supplies as being much higher quality and much more efficient. I've also noticed that EVGA makes power supplies, but i'm not sure of the quality of them (though their cable quality seems very very good).

What is your perspective on this? I'm thinking of upgrading my psu eventually to something a bit quieter and with a bit more wattage since I updated my gpu. EVGA? Seasonic? Corsair? What is your perspective on the argument?

Evga dosent make psu's thay put stickers on OEM units seasonic makes psu's and makes real good ones there isent a bad one in there entire range from there humble 300w cheap ass units to there 1200w platinum units this is why resellers like Corsair,PC Power & Cooling ,XFX,Cooler Master,Antec and meny more buy seasonic and add stickers to there units.


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From: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/reliable-psu-brands/81681

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Wow, this has really opened my eyes. I wasn't sure about how manufacturing went about in this way. The point is that you buy more directly from the source, I guess?

Not really Corsair uses mostly Seasonic PSUs but, Corsair sells them for cheaper then Seasonic does, Likewise with EVGA which are re-branded Superflower PSUs. Seasonic isn't so much Amazing as they are old, they are one of the best regarded PSU manufacturers as they have been around sense the early days and have always pushed tech forward and used high quality caps. Superflower has pushed tech even father and currently makes some of the best PSUs in existence most of which are sold under EVGA's branding. FPS also is a OEM and sells to Sliverstone, Thermaltake, and the like. FPS Group are more hit and miss then Seasonic and Superflower, but, they also make some really good stuff.

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