What is "hyper-spin"?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what "hyper-spin" bearing is? I want to buy one of these fans and I want to set it horizontally, next to the PSU for intake, but I'm not sure if hyper-spin works well horizontally.

I've been googling this for over an hour, and I couldn't find a straight answer, only speculations. 


probably an oil type  bearing

i have the same fans, works fine in any position.

I have the black version of those as well. Works fine in any position and are decently quiet.

That reminds me, I need to switch the stock fans out of my case with the two extra Cougars I have.

Thanks, I guess I'll give em a try

I have one of those, works fine except for blowing air upwards. Makes an odd noise at full speed.

you are right, i just put on the 7v adapter and they are quite.