What is going on with one of my chasis fans?

Here is a 30 second video showing chasis fan 2's speeds in my BIOS. It starts fluctuating around 25 seconds,


Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on or why it shows it at max RPM? Also if you need my specs they are in my profile :) Also this is a new PC I built 2 weeks and 3 days ago. And I do have the latest BIOS from ASUS version 1503



Before you worry about it fluctuating, maybe you should be concerned that it surpassed light speed to run at 675000RPM's.

I don't hear the fan changing speeds. Its just that the reading seems to me messed up and I want to know why.


Someone who knows will come along eventually I hope.

Still holding out hope

I have the same thing with my system. It has not caused any problems as far as I can tell. The fan in question is an antec 120mm with yellow rubber bumpers on the mounts. No problem with my other two fans one noctua 140mm and the fan that came with my case, coolermaster 120mm. the goofy fan is plugged into the top header closest to the ram. I'm not to worried about it especialy now that i know I'm not the only one. The fan does have a hi/low switch mabey that has something to do with it. Which type of fan is yours? Just a observation my goofy fan is in the same spot in the bios(asus) as yours.

It's a fan that came preinstalled in my Corsair Carbide 300R case. It is the fan mounted in the back of the case. I would still like to know what causes this. I have plugged the fan into all the other fan chasis outlets and it does the same thing. It really is perplexing to me :/

its probly the fans problem can you plug it into any other computer to see if it shows the same thing. if so it is the fans problem. If not it is probly a bug with the software

I don't have another PC to test it out in :(

heheheh :)