What is faster, a GTX 750Ti or the new AMD RX 460?

Would like to know as I'm building a PC for my brother and IDK whether to wait for the 460 or not.

The 460 by a huge margin.

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Expect 460 to be somewhere between a GTX 950 and a 960. ~$100, sub 75W

Huh, thats odd, they both cost $100

Wow that is really impressive.

Power of 14nm and AMD not being greedy bastards


An ex boss of mine used to say this:
you can make money in sales in 2 ways: sale huge quantities with small profit margin, or sell tiny quantities with huge margin.
AMD goes for small margin, attractive price, hopefully more products sold, so higher profits.

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460 by way too much.

460 by far. Plus you get access to all the new technology since its a brand new card as opposed to a 750Ti which is already 2 generations old. And you get the option to get a freesync instead of gsync monitor which, if you decide to go that route, will save you a minimum of $100 and oftentimes more for the same spec monitor.

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lol also don't forget the broken as hell 7XX drivers.

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